Monday, August 15, 2016

BackTracking: Magnificent Maine!

We were very fortunate to be able to spend July 30th-August 6th in Maine with Brendan's family. Check out the sunset on that first night:

My goal in Maine is always to disconnect from the outside world, so I don't blog when I'm there and just focus on taking in the great outdoors (kayaking, fishing) and spending time with family (cooking, antiquing, playing board games, and hanging out).

Our first stop usually involves picking blueberries, so we can make blueberry everything (pies and pancakes galore). I also simply love eating them fresh! This year, we were able to pick raspberries too, and they were also delicious.

There was a lot of fishing this summer, but not as much catching as we have had in some years. Still, I enjoyed just kayaking around the lake with Brendan.

This was my one good catch of the summer (don't worry, I put it back).

Our other Maine event includes eating lobster. Oh my, just looking at this roll makes my mouth water! 

This was at Red's in Wiscasset. I really enjoyed shopping around in the little town afterwards as well. I found the cutest stationary store. We also checked out a flea market and found some neat things there as well. Other highlights included winning at Yahtzee and Settlers of Catan (which we played on teams) and losing epically at Monopoly. This was my fourth time in Maine, and it's always more magical than the time before.

We got back to Austin on Saturday night (August 6th) and took my parents to Pho Thaison to celebrate my mom's belated birthday. The next day, my Dad took us out on the lake:

And we got to eat sushi and Amy's ice cream with Amanda and Matt. That is one dream day!

We had so much fun seeing family and friends and traveling this summer, but eventually, it was time to return home. After over six weeks gone, we were ready to be back, and the cats were definitely ready to be home too. There's a lot to catch up on: laundry, yard-work, restocking the fridge, finding a place for all the souvenirs we bought, but it feels great to be back.

Up next, I'll resume blogging in the present. Thanks for letting me reminisce about some of the best moments that I didn't blog!


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