Friday, September 2, 2016

Along the Way to the Bay

Greetings faithful blog readers!

We've had SUCH an eventful week.

On Monday, our dear friends from graduate school stopped for the night as they were making their way to the bay area. Our former classmate J has a prestigious Stegner fellowship at Stanford University, and the family (plus their dog, Deuce) are relocating from Louisiana to California.

After work (the first day teaching), Brendan and I prepped dinner together. This was a crowd pleaser, and we served it with salad, bread, plenty of wine and champagne, and ice cream (blue bell, of course) for dessert.

After we ate, we played an amazing (long!) game of Ticket to Ride. Brendan won, but it was only because little Justin foiled my plans. We were so happy to get to see our friends; their road trip is over, and they have made it to their new home.

Tuesday we were oh so tired! I'd planned to return to barre, but it just didn't happen. I went back Wednesday after eight days away. It went well, and I've been everyday since. I don't have any pain in my neck, though sometimes I wake up with stiffness. Perhaps I need a new pillow. Any recommendations?

Thursday, we got great news. After a woman ran into my car on June 21st and decided to fabricate "witnesses," who did not pull over at the scene, an epic saga with the insurance company began. It went on and on and on and on. Finally, yesterday, the accident was determined to be 100% her fault. To say it was a relief is an understatement. My dad was a HUGE help in navigating the process and even spoke to the assistant of the CEO of the insurance company. I was discouraged and downright ready to give up: I'd sent diagrams, photos, videos, the police report, and multiple statements were given. I probably called the company at least twenty times. Today, my claim check is FINALLY in the mail, and we can move on. No one was hurt, for which I am thankful. It is sad that there are such dishonest people out there, but I'm glad the truth was finally uncovered.

More good news came on Thursday in the form of this on our doorstep:

Brendan's dad did this collage of Samuel Beckett for him, and we're so happy to have it in our dining room. Our home is filled with Tim Egan paintings, and I show them off to everyone that visits our home.

The final news of our week is that...

Amanda and Matt are coming! We're pretty crazy about these two and can't wait to see them for a long weekend. We're planning to cook, play board games, and also be awesome.

Before I sign off, we all want to say Mazel Tov to my cousins Skyler and Kate. Their B'not Mitzvah is this weekend, and we all wish we could be in Ohio to celebrate. We love you ladies!

Happy long weekend everyone.

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