Wednesday, October 12, 2016

6 Years Lucky

It's hard to believe but oh so true, Brendan and I shared our first kiss six years ago today in Lake Charles, Louisiana. This photo was taken a couple of weeks later at a party for visiting poet, Gary Jackson. I remember flying home from SCMLA to make it to the reading on time. I was so excited to see Brendan, to hear Jackson's reading, and to see my friends. 

Back then, it felt like everything was just beginning. I was starting to think about applying for jobs and knew nothing of where life would take me or how things would turn out. I wasn't scared though. I had a feeling that Brendan and I would stay together, that our relationship would grow despite all the upcoming changes. 

I talked about Jackson's poem "The Gap" today with my composition students. It's funny how even though so much changes, who we are is so influenced by where we've been and, more importantly, who we've been there with. I feel lucky that the last six years of my life have been shared with this amazing man. Everything has changed so very much, but we're still wholly in love. There's no one else I'd rather come home to. I'm home wherever he is; if that's not luck, I don't know what is. 

Happy six years, Brendan. Thanks for making them the best years of my life. 

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