Monday, October 3, 2016

Oh Hello October!

Greetings faithful blog readers.
In truth, I don't know that I've ever been more excited to start a new month. I am simply ready for all things fall, and the start of October coinciding with the weekend gave us time to fully celebrate the arrival of a new month.

On Saturday morning, I woke up and declared that I was going to make it my ideal day. It's such a magical feeling to be able to wake up and do whatever one wants with a day. After taking our time getting ready, we started the day with brunch at Lori's. We both had the special, chilaquiles, and it was absolutely wonderful. From there, we headed to Fiddlestick Farms for opening day. Fiddlestick Farms is $15 for people ages 4 and up (children 3 and under get in free). There are many attractions, most of them geared towards kids, but we still had a great time checking out the corn maze and hayride, picking pumpkins, and taking some fall photos.

A word of caution: actually wear athletic shoes for the corn maze and bring sunscreen. I severely underestimated the difficulty and thus the length of time we'd be in there, and I ended up both sunburned and with tons of dirt in my flats. Not my most prepared moment!

A tip for pumpkin picking: the hayride will take you out to more pumpkin patches where you can pick pumpkins right off the vine and also have a selection that includes more varieties than the display at the front. We got six squash of varying sizes for $16.00 and found that large orange pumpkins are cheaper at HEB but all of the other varieties at Fiddlestick Farms are a deal compared to HEB.

Fiddlestick Farms has a rule against bad language, but as we left, Brendan was so excited that he exclaimed: It's ****ing decorative gourd season! Luckily, no one heard except for me, and I thought his excitement was hilarious. After we returned from the farm, we were exhausted (probably in part from getting so much sun). Brendan found the energy to make my favorite butternut squash recipe. We altered the ingredients slightly to use what we had on hand, but the result was as tasty as always.

I'm looking forward to the leftovers of this tonight!

After dinner, we watched The Night Of. Only two more episodes to go! The tension is extreme!

Yesterday, we went to HomeGoods first thing, so I could pick up a wreath and complete our front door decor.

I also picked up a pumpkin scented candle to get me in the October spirit (even though the weather isn't exactly cooperating; it's still in the 90s this week!) One reason I'm SO excited about October this year is because last year, we missed Halloween in our new house due to a work conference. This year, I can't wait to be here to dress up and hand out candy. I have great memories of Halloween as a child. Everyone in my childhood neighborhood would go all out to make Halloween special (we're talking backyard haunted houses, creepy decorations and music, and tons of candy). When I lived in apartments, I never had a trick or treater (except for once in Lake Charles, when I was unprepared and had to give out a bag of Chex Mix to a pretty disappointed kid). This year, I'll have so much candy! I'm still brainstorming about what we should be for Halloween. Any suggestions?

Last night, we ended the weekend at Dagan and Steph's house watching the new HBO show WestWorld. The show was so, so good and super creepy.  It's uncanny valley to the extreme, and if you have a fear of mannequins and robots (as I do), you may never sleep again! This temporarily will ease the void left by the wait for Game of Thrones.

This week is going to be fast and needs to be highly productive as a result. We leave town for a wedding in Virginia at the end of this week, so I have to make every hour count. Time for a pre-workout nap!

How did you welcome October? We hope it was with open arms; happy fall y'all!

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