Friday, November 18, 2016

Minutes to Dinner: Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Greetings faithful blog readers!

Thanks for hanging with me. I know my blog hasn't been very active these past few months. I've had a lot going on, and I started to focus some more on my writing. Don't worry, I'm still blogging!

I'm planning to start a new series called "Minutes to Dinner." These posts are not going to be recipes, but rather things that Brendan and I do to throw together weeknight dinners that are fast and affordable. While these may not be as healthy as our average dinners (we incorporate lots of fresh veggies into our cooking), we promise they will be a healthier alternative than picking up fast food. This series is for everyone out there that is busy and budgeting but still wants tasty dinners.

My first minutes to dinner post includes two things I love: tomato basil soup and grilled cheese. We buy La Madeline's Reduced Fat Tomato Basil Soup at the grocery store (HEB), but if you can't find it, here is a link to purchase online. Note: the shipping price is the same price as the three jars of soup. Texans, check your HEB for a better deal. If you haven't had La Madeline's Tomato Basil Soup, it is simply amazing, and this reduced fat version tastes identical to the real deal (pinkie promise). I'm sure you could find another soup in the grocery store that is also tasty if this isn't an option.

To make the gourmet grilled cheeses, we simply sliced three types of cheeses that we had on hand and put them on English Muffin halves in the toaster oven. Then we chopped up toppings: peppers, jalapenos, pears, purple onion, tomatoes, and also had basil, spinach, and carrots on hand.

The result were these adorable open faced gourmet grilled cheese halves:

My favorite combo was: basil, spinach, Jalapenos, pears, and purple onion (yum!)

We each ate three muffin halves and one serving of soup (still have two servings of soup leftover). You can buy the light English muffins to make this dinner a little lighter.

Grocery List:
La Madeline Reduced Fat Tomato Basil Soup (or other soup)
(Light) English Muffins
Bell Pepper
Purple Onion
Cherry Tomatoes

Total time spent heating soup and sandwiches and chopping veggies (about 10 minutes)
You can't beat the low maintenance clean up either!

Have ideas for minutes to dinner? Email them to us at LolaAndZoeBlog at Gmail Dot Com!

Have a great weekend friends! We are planning to spend ours prepping for Thanksgiving. It basically snuck up on us this year. We're looking forward to actually having time to cook!


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