Friday, December 2, 2016

Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Greetings, faithful blog readers.

Another week has come and gone: only one more week of classes remain before finals, and we're taking an opportunity to rest up a bit this weekend before the real grading marathon begins.

Last Friday, when my parents were here, we decorated our home for the holidays so we'd have a full 3.5 weeks to enjoy our decor before traveling.

My dad and Brendan did the outside lights. It was much faster than doing a roof line, but I think it has a nice effect.

The cold fronts this week gave me plenty of excuses to start up the fireplace, light a balsam fir candle, and get cozy. 

This is the first Christmas since we lost Mimi, and it made me happy and sad to add this ornament we gave her last year to our tree. 

This time of year goes too fast. In two weeks, my classes will be over; in three weeks, it will be Christmas Eve. I'm trying to take in the magic I love about the season one cozy evening at a time. 

Happy weekend everyone! Hope it's a cuddly one and time slows down a bit for us all. 


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