Monday, January 30, 2017

January Recap

Greetings faithful blog readers,

I haven't updated in a while. In truth, I'm having a difficult time the current political situation, and I've dedicated more time to making my voice heard through writing letters and making phone calls. As I worked with one of my students diagnosed with MS today, and she shared her story of needing medications that cost $12,000 a month to maintain her vision and ability to live, I was hit, once again, with how real people's lives hang in the balance of our everyday political debates. The older I get, the more I feel that I share in collective responsibility,so while I derive joy from blogging, I don't want to be distracted from our country's current important conversations, but I'm looking forward to doing this update.

Two weekends ago, Brendan and I participated in the Women's March Alpine. Our march was more of a hike. The day was cold and rainy and windy, and I cried and did not have tissues, but my heart was warmed by sharing an afternoon being amongst women and allies.

We didn't learn of events in Midland until we had already booked a hotel in Alpine, so we made the most of our one night away and had a delicious dinner at the Reata Restaurant. There wasn't much going on in town, but I visited my favorite gift shop Brown Dog Gardens, which is now the Murphy Street Mercado.

Last week, I tried acupuncture for the first time with Dr. Clay Collins. I really enjoyed my experience. It didn't hurt, and I was deeply relaxed. I only have one bruise, and I plan to return next week. I'd recommend this for anyone looking for a healthy way to combat life stress. Another tip: Brendan recently bought us a second wind chime. I find them immensely relaxing!

Speaking of Brendan and the past week, he got great publication news that he will have fiction coming out at Yemassee. Issues will be available on the website, and we'll keep everyone updated.

Also last week, we enjoyed a piano recital at school and an art opening at the museum. I really enjoyed meeting San Angelo native and artist James Gill.

We had a restful weekend of healthy cooking, laundry, doing taxes, and organizing the master bathroom cabinets and drawers (a much procrastinated on task). We have officially owned our home for two years now, which is hard to believe. Let the decluttering projects begin! We also saw the film Moonlight, which was powerful (I enjoyed it far more than La La Land to be honest). I even fit in a long phone conversation with my cousin Stephen and a yoga class. The weekend ended on a lovely note with celebrating my dear friend Kristen's baptism. It meant a lot for me to be able to be there for her special moment and a new chapter in her life.

Monday morning was chaotic. The house is messy (okay, so we didn't fold all the laundry or clean up the kitchen after our healthy cooking), and Brendan couldn't find his keys, but I still started the week feeling extremely grateful. Each week, I write a weekly affirmation in my life planner (and a thankful thought). It sounds cheesy, and maybe it is, but this week's "The best is yet to come" mantra is giving me strength.

Here's to the end of your month: may you wrap up loose ends and accomplish intended goals. February brings us a clean slate in a couple of days. May the best be yet to come!

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