Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Super Sick Valentine's Day

Greetings faithful blog readers,

I've been sick since Friday, and the past few days have been the worst of my year so far. I had to cancel plans to attend a birthday party, I've had to take a sick day (something I rarely do), and I've had to miss working out for multiple days. In the midst of my illness, we celebrated Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays, but I was too sick to enjoy cooking dinner together, so we put that part off.

Brendan cheered me up by bringing home some gorgeous roses, chocolate, sour gummies, and a new Pillow Pet I named Speedy. Don't worry, I still have Ralph.

I can't eat anything other than saltines, toast, and other bland foods, but I'm looking forward to enjoying my treats soon.

Lola and Zoe cheered me up by watching new episodes of My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with me, and I also got some new LulaRoe for myself (see above). Anyone else slightly addicted to the comfort of LulaRoe?

I gave Brendan a Zingerman's Cheese Club (Italy edition), and we both gave each other sweet cards. Brendan's parents gave us a cheese club for his birthday one year, and it was amazing. Our first installment came today, and boy do I wish I could eat some.

Please send well wishes to our household, and we hope everyone had a wonderful day of love yesterday.

Also, our friend Michael's book of poetry is out today! If you pick up a copy, you are in for such a treat. We can't wait for ours to arrive. We plan to get it signed when we visit San Francisco in just a few weeks! Healthier times are ahead.


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