Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Eating for Insulin Resistance

Greetings faithful blog readers and hello from week 10 of our semester,

We're happy to finally be in the double digits! The past two weeks have been extremely busy for us, but we don't expect things to slow down until graduation.

A few weeks ago, I discovered that I have insulin resistance. It's not the same as diabetes; here is an article that explains more. Symptoms can vary, but I think the most noticeable one was that I used to always get hungry (like ever three hours) and be extremely cranky if I didn't get food. I also thought I had a small bladder, but, it turns out, that was related to insulin resistance too. I've been on medication for about a month now, and since we returned from California, I've been making an effort to eat better for insulin resistance.

In my research, I've learned that I need to be careful about added sugars and carbohydrates (it's better to eat high protein meals with some carbohydrates like fruits and veggies and some healthy fats). I also need to reduce alcohol and caffeine (I'm not giving up my morning coffee, but I'm cutting back other caffeine sources and on alcohol) as well as limit full fat dairy (don't worry, I'm not giving up cheese). I need to focus on eating plenty of fiber and avoid juice. It's good that I already eat vegetarian because those with insulin resistance should also avoid red meat.

Overall, one thing I learned from my research is that my diet is already highly conducive to helping with insulin resistance. This is good news because it means none of the changes I have to make are drastic; still, I was in search of more information and recipes. Tara Spencer has two cookbooks that have already helped me immensely: The Insulin Resistance Diet Plan and Cookbook is a great place to start, and Spencer's Insulin Resistance sequel for those with PCOS has great recipes as well.

Even if you aren't insulin resistant, I would highly recommend giving eating as if you were a try!

I made this lentils with curry recipe on Saturday night and served it over brown rice. It was delicious and kept us both full.

I also enjoyed the tomato and herb omelet (finally, a good excuse to use our herb garden again!) and the spinach and eggs skillet this past weekend.

I'm going to make one of Spencer's muffin recipes (hint, she uses things like almond flour to replace regular flour) to have for quick on-the-go breakfasts. Also, a spicy vegetable soup recipe is calling my name for dinner soon!

Right now, our fridge is full, and I'm thankful for recipe inspiration.

Happy Wednesday friends!

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