Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Has Sprung!

 Greetings faithful blog readers,

Did you think I was disappearing? I didn't; I just got sucked into the busiest part of the semester. Since I last posted, a lot has happened! We inducted 51 students into the English honor society on March 31st (our largest class yet). Those students did 237 hours of documented community service hours all related to forwarding reading, writing, and literature. They passed out books and read to children at the hospital, recorded readings for the visually impaired, tutored on campus and in local schools, worked with an adult literacy organization, and helped the public library and our campus library among other projects. We could not be prouder of the people they are. If you need hope that the world is still a good place, you need not look far.

Outside of work, we managed to fit in a lot of fun these past two weekends: we saw Beauty and the Beast (which I'm sure everyone has seen by now!) and Get Out. I highly recommend Get Out: it was fun, scary, thought-provoking and just what I love in a horror movie. Last weekend, I finally got a chance to take Brendan to the beer garden, so he could discover all he was missing! He loved it, and I returned the next day with my friend Kristen because pineapple cider is something I don't want to live without.

I've been keeping up with my workouts and enjoying the warm sunny weather these past few weeks. We've also had a good deal of rain this spring, and last night was so peaceful falling asleep to the sounds of a storm. Perhaps that is why our yard is looking so lush! Poor Brendan has spent HOURS weeding in the gravel areas of our yard. Remember when we planted grass plugs last year? Look how awesome our grass looks now! 

Almost all plants and herbs from last year came back with the exception of basil, parsley, and dill, which we replanted a couple of weekends ago. 

Herb Garden
Cactus Garden 

Right side raised bed

All of our trees have their leaves back except the Chinese Pistache in the back...they're coming though. We hope the hummingbird takes up residence in our maple again, but we haven't spotted her yet. 

We love our desert oasis of a backyard. The Ocotillo is getting leaves, the cactus is getting new pads, and a lot of the succulents are sending up flowers. 

The project for this spring will be the side yard, and you can see what a project that will be. There's a surprisingly large amount of space back there! 

The roses in the front bed all came back beautifully. 

We always have a LOT going on in the spring, but it's nice that it's such a lovely time of year. Being out in nature is a sure way to lift our spirits. And another thing that lifts my spirits is Easter break. I won't be returning to work until Tuesday, and I plan to enjoy the heck out of the next few days. 

Happy Spring Friends! 

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