Monday, May 8, 2017

May 2017 Stitch Fix

Greetings faithful blog readers. I can't wait to tell you about my 11th Stitch Fix that arrived on Thursday. If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, please read my first ever review, which explains how it works. Should you decide to get a fix, please use my referral link; I'd greatly appreciate the referral credit. This post is in no way sponsored; I pay for my own fixes and all opinions are my own.

This was my first fix to order in six months! I've been really into the comfiness of LulaRoe lately, so I haven't been ordering as many fixes, but I still love a Stitch Fix as a special treat from time to time. I didn't give many specific directions to my stylist; I just told her that it was already summer here and I was looking for clothes to wear during the hot days. 

I was pleased when my fix arrived to read that Meagan had styled me once again. She is a great stylist, and even though I didn't keep everything, I really think it was well suited for me. I had just showered, so enjoy my "messy hair, don't care" pics. 

First up was the Abree Aline Skirt and the Tucker Split Back Top: 

I was and am absolutely obsessed with this outfit. First off, it checks the box of something I'd wear to work or wear for fun. It's comfortable, cool for hot weather, AND the price was right ($38 for the top and $38 for the skirt). My only issue was that I needed a smaller size in the top, but thanks to the recent (within the past few months) ability to swap sizes, it was no problem. I simply indicated on my check out form that I needed a small in the top, sent back my medium top with my other nos, and soon I'll have the top in my correct size. So easy! Side note: why do companies insist on making arm holes so gosh darn big?! 

Next, I swapped tops and tried on the Niro Linen Pocket Knit Tee. This tee was comfortable and oversized, and I liked it. The issue was that I already have other things like this. Plus, I just didn't feel like spending $48 on a tee shirt. This was a no for me. 

Brendan was brushing his teeth while I tried on the Chester Cargo Short (yep, that's our messy bathroom counter with a Moscow Mule cup on it from the night before--classy), so I took my own pic. These shorts were really quite short! That doesn't bother me too much, but the price tag here ($68) did. Yikes! No thanks: this was a return. 

Up next was the Elinna Knit Dress. 

This dress was cute, it honestly was. I could see myself wearing it. The $64 price tag was too steep for the quality of the dress (it was a simple knit dress) in my opinion. I liked the dress but didn't love it, so it was a return. 

Even though I returned 3 of 5 items, I was still really happy with my fix. I left my stylist feedback on my price points, and I hope she listens. It's not that I mind paying money for high quality items, but if I can get something similar (cargo shorts, or knit tee/dress) for half the price somewhere else, I'm definitely returning. I loved the first outfit though, so I'm still really happy I signed up for this fix! 

In other news, we drove to Lubbock this weekend to buy Brendan a new car! Actually, we bought a 2016 VW Golf with 9,111 miles, so it was slightly used. 

It was a little emotional saying goodbye to Brendan's old Ford Escort, a gift from Boompa (his grandfather) before he started grad school. I may have shed a tear at lunch over it, but after 23 years of service to the Egan family, it was time to say goodbye to the old Ford. 

And we LOVE the VW Golf. And we love having two reliable cars (something we do not take for granted!) 

I realize it has been a few weeks since my last update, but I've been caught up in the semester ending and grading. I probably won't check in here until after final grades go in. The good news is that that is coming up as graduation is Friday. I have about 75 papers left to grade (yikes!) and then it's finally summer! 

Hang in there students and teachers! Finals week only lasts a week! 

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