Tuesday, June 13, 2017

First Week in Taos

Greetings faithful blog readers,

Our first week in Taos has been amazing. If it weren't for the fact that it snows here all winter, I'm not sure I could ever leave! The main thing I love about Taos is that, even though our casita is on a quiet dead-end street (below is the view from the kitchen window),  a half mile walk gets us to the center of town with lots of cute restaurants and shops. I even found a yoga studio that I walk to most days (if you're ever in Taos this studio is so beautiful with wonderful and affordable classes).

Another nice thing about Taos is there are a lot of free events (think movies in the park and opera concerts) but there's also not so much going on to where we feel overwhelmed by choices. This is good because the main objective of our stay here is to write, and we've been able to do that for several hours each day. Our typical day is write in the morning, exercise in the afternoon (yoga for me and running for Brendan), write in the afternoon, go out for dinner, write at night. I try to stick to writing about ten pages a day and have been successful.

There are some exceptions to our general days. Last week, on Monday, we took a day trip to Santa Fe. This was necessary when we realized Brendan forgot his laptop at home(!) and the city of Taos doesn't sell any bluetooth keyboards that work with the ipad. Santa Fe had a Best Buy with the right keyboard, so we decided to visit Meow Wolf, which was on our must do list, while we were there.

I intentionally didn't read anything about Meow Wolf before going, but I knew there was a mystery to solve, and my friend, Drew, gave me a helpful tip to start at the mailbox. Essentially, Meow Wolf is an art installation, but it's like walking around in an extensive movie set and figuring out the plot for yourself. Clues (computer files, diaries, planners, printed Powerpoints, photos, videos) are everywhere, and you can spend hours and hours there (and we did) trying to figure out what happened. The experience is completely overstimulating like walking around in a dream. I took almost no photos and stayed as fully immersed in the experience as I could.

After Meow Wolf, we went to Dual Brewing. We enjoyed a flight of beers and a cheese plate (all delicious) before heading back to Taos.

On Thursday, Brendan met me after yoga, and we ate at this gem before spending the afternoon walking around and looking at all the shops. I have my eye on some gorgeous rugs, but so far, the only thing I've purchased is a few $1 rocks (for good luck), a Christmas ornament, and some birthday/father's day cards.

I love being surrounded by the mountains, and I love the cooler temperatures (we've had some warmer days in the 80s, but back home, it's already above 100).

Sunset from the kitchen window

On Saturday, we got up and headed to the local farmer's market. We were able to find tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, beets, swiss chard, basil, goat cheese, eggs, and lettuce. Afterwards, we enjoyed breakfast here

So far, our restaurant recommendations for Taos include Gutiz (brunch), Taos Diner II (breakfast), La Cueva (New Mexican), the Treehouse (bar above Lamberts with great cocktails and great deals on snacks/drinks during happy hour), Marshall's Great Noodles (food cart), The Burger Stand (has lots of vegetarian options), and El Gamal (delicious vegetarian Middle Eastern food). 

For now, I'll stop this post at Saturday and wish a very happy birthday to Brendan's grandfather, Boompa, before signing off. 

We love you, Boompa!

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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