Monday, June 26, 2017

Taos Week Three

Greetings faithful blog readers!

Taos is one amazing place. I've fallen in love with it completely. And though I know we have to eventually leave, this view from the kitchen window here makes me never want to go.

Last Sunday, before calling our dads to say happy Father's day, Brendan and I ventured to hike the Rio Grande Gorge. Brendan guesses we hiked about five miles. Despite our best efforts, he got some bug bites, and I got a patch of sunburn to prove it. The views were worth it though. We enjoyed a picnic and bought a cold drink afterwards from a little cafe set up inside of an old school bus in the parking lot. 

That night, we were too exhausted to cook, so we enjoyed dinner at Pizanos. I call this photo "Storms a coming, grab your pizza!" 

The next night, we put our farmer's market produce to good use and made a delicious pasta with shallot, beets, basil, black beans, and sugar snap peas. I also made a farmer's market salad with berries, cucumber, radishes, and goat cheese. 

Thanks to our lovely Airbnb owner, David, we had the opportunity to meet with a local (and nationally renowned) environmental and human rights activist, Joe Cisneros. You can watch an interview with him here

That night, we checked out Parcht, which I had been very excited to try. It's a wine shop with elaborate "create your own" cheese/meat boards. We also ordered the bleu cheese with pear and honey as a dessert (not pictured). Everything was delicious. We took our time eating and just enjoyed talking to each other about our writing. We work for most of the day and cook or eat out at night. These nightly conversations are some of my best motivators for writing the next day. Sometimes, Brendan will just say something that clicks in my brain, and I figure out how to solve a problem. 

Wednesday after yoga, I had lunch with a new friend, Valerie, one of the owners of the Taos Cooking Studio that put on Friday night's secret supper. It was awesome to make a new friend and get some recommendations from a local. That night, we enjoyed live music and a screening of Finding Dory at Kit Carson park. Taos is a small town (about 5,000 people), but there is such a lovely community here. 

Thursday, we finally got a slice of key lime pie at La Cueva (tip: phone ahead and ask them to save you a piece!) and then we enjoyed wine at Black Mesa Winery right down the street. I even bought a bottle of Chocolate dessert wine to take home (and I deeply wish my mother-in-law was here to share it because I'm not sure there's anyone that could appreciate it as much as I know she would!) 

Friday, we spent seven hours in the car driving the high road to Santa Fe. We explored old churches and scenic spots and even bought some weaving and pottery. We also stopped for a great lunch at Ranchos De Chimayo. 

While my writing greatly slowed in week three (averaging about five pages a day), I made some significant revisions and also went through the manuscript to fix issues. All in all, I still feel it was a very successful week writing wise. 

Saturday began our fourth and final week in Taos, but I'll save that for a future post! 

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! 

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