Saturday, June 17, 2017

Taos Week Two

Happy Saturday, faithful blog readers,

I hope everyone is excited for a wonderful and restful weekend.

Our second week here in Taos, NM has been fast and fantastic. We've still mainly been focused on writing: I've been doing about seven to eight pages a day, which is a little slower pace than I'd like, but I'm definitely still making progress. I also finished reading Madame Bovary (finally!) and moved on to more summer reading (more on that later).

Here's some highlights of our away from the computer time in Taos this past week.

On Sunday, we set off for a beautiful hike in the Carson National Forest. Brendan picked the trail (a 5.7 mile hike called Devisadero trail, which was uphill the first half and then (mostly) downhill the second half. We really enjoyed the spectacular views from the peak, but I'll admit the last .7 miles, my feet were really hurting. We definitely don't get to hike enough, so it's such a treat when we do get out, but it definitely engages muscles that I'm not used to relying on much.

We packed a lunch (peanut butter/honey/apple sandwiches and clementines) and had a little picnic at the top of the peak. I'd say we maybe crossed paths with twelve other hikers the whole morning, so it was pretty quiet. 

On Monday, we returned back to the Treehouse Bar & Grill to take advantage of their happy hour. They have $6 appetizers and margaritas, so we shared a cheese plate and each had a margarita before walking over to Marshall's noodles (Thai Food Cart) for dinner. 

Marshall's Noodles was really solid. The spring rolls (not pictured) were probably my favorite, but my dinner was delicious, and the leftovers made a great Tuesday lunch. 

On Wednesday, we checked out Orlando's, which was recommended to us by a friend we met at Christiana and Aaron's wedding. The avocado pie there was so delicious! 

On Thursday night, Brendan grilled some veggies, and we went out for drinks and dessert at El Meze (I think we'll be back for more of that spectacular mountain view!) 

I snapped a photo yesterday of my daily walk to the yoga studio just because it's pretty! 

Last night was one of the highlights of our trip so far. We had made arrangements to dine at the Taos Secret Supper, which is a monthly dinner prepared by Chef Chris Maher in which the location isn't announced until day of. Well, we lucked out! The location selected was at personal home with spectacular views of the mountain and the Taos Pueblo River. We dined surrounded by a lovely Koi fish pond and a full garden of gorgeous flowers. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was enjoying visiting with all of our dinner companions. The meal was five courses, and we both left completely satisfied but also not uncomfortably stuffed. My favorite dining experiences are the ones where it's about the conversation and enjoying the surroundings. This meal was so memorable.

Can you see the river? Look close! 

We are definitely falling in love with Taos. They say the mountains here are magical and that if the mountains like you, you'll be back. Let's hope the mountain is falling in love with us too.


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