Friday, July 7, 2017

July 2017 Stitch Fix + Updates

Greetings faithful blog readers,

I know I've talked about Stitch Fix many times on the blog. I always pay for my own fixes, but I do appreciate a referral credit, so if you decide to sign up based on my reviews please use my referral link. Thanks a bunch!

My July fix was scheduled to arrive at my mom's house on my anniversary. I asked for dresses to wear out for a nice dinner, but I packed a backup outfit from home too. My stylist this time was Angel, and she only sent one dress. In her defense, I also asked for outfits for our upcoming trip to Portland, so she had a lot to accomplish with only five picks.

My fix arrived early, so I was able to try everything on July 4th as soon as we arrived to Austin (well, after greeting my parents and spending some time snuggling Lola and Zoe!) Enjoy my just got out of the car look!

First up was the Suri Dress.

My whole family was impressed with this dress, and my mom pointed out it'd be perfect for teaching; however, I really didn't like this dress much at all. Even though it was a small, it seemed oversized on me. I wasn't crazy about the color or the pattern. It was way too casual for an anniversary dinner. For me, this was an easy decision to make: Return. 

Up next was the Robinson Scoop Neck Top and the Catriona Pencil Skirt. 

When I saw this top, I thought "that's kind of boring," but I ended up liking this pink color on myself. My only complaint was that medium felt too big (see under arms), but I kept this top anyway because I didn't feel like waiting on an exchange, and the issue wasn't a deal breaker. I wanted to love this skirt (the pattern is so cute), but unfortunately, it was just too small in the hips, and Stitch Fix did not have any larger sizes for exchange, so the skirt was returned.

The Dawney Scallop Trim Blouse was next:

I'd told my stylist that I wanted to try something with a scallop cut, so I really hoped this top would fit. It was a little big in the underarms, but again, not a deal breaker, and I didn't feel like waiting on an exchange. This one was a keeper!

Last up was the Rezin Halter Blouse, which I had pinned on Pinterest.

Sadly, this top was huge on me (you can't tell because I'm basically holding it in with my hands). I liked it but not enough to ask for a new size. It was a return.

I thought Angel did a good job. There was only one thing in my fix that I didn't like (the dress), and the other items would've been wins if they'd all fit correctly. I updated my style profile, and that will hopefully lead to smaller tops and larger skirts in future fixes.

As for our anniversary, the backup outfit I'd packed was just perfect for our dinner at the restaurant where we got engaged. I was even able to wear my wedding hair clip and shoes.

We had a lovely fourth anniversary. We follow the anniversary gift list each year, and this year was Linen/Fruit or Flowers. I gave Brendan a set of linen sheets and he gave me my lifelong dream gift: a subscription to the Harry and David fruit of the month club. Seriously, I was SO HAPPY and can't wait for my delicious deliveries.

After dinner, we were able to spend time with my family celebrating various birthday's (Mine, Dad's, Graham's, Lola's, and Zoe's), Father's Day, and my and Brendan's anniversary. We just got a cake that said "Happy Everything."

Tomorrow, we leave for Portland, OR where Brendan and I will both be in the Tin House Summer Workshop for short fiction. I'll be workshopping with Danielle Evans, and Brendan will be workshopping with Aimee Bender. When we applied, we made a pact that we'd only go if we both got in. I was pretty thrilled when we were both accepted over spring break (while in San Francisco), but it also means we're missing my dear friend Cheryl's wedding tomorrow. Cheryl caught the bouquet at our wedding, and I really wish I could be in NYC for her big day. So much love to this friend I've had for thirteen(!) years now. I know she's going to make a beautiful bride tomorrow.

Also, today is my bestie's birthday:

Corley is a constant friend and encourager to me, and I love her so very much.

July 7th is also the day we lost Mimi last year. I can't believe it's been a full year of not being able to call her on a Sunday morning or look forward to my next visit at her house. I hope that Mimi is watching over us tonight because we'll be cooking with Amanda and Matt and toasting our grandmother.

I hope everyone is all set to have a great weekend. We'll be getting up for an early flight tomorrow. Updates from Portland to come! 


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