Saturday, September 9, 2017

Beauty in the Backyard + What's Up With Us

Greetings faithful blog readers!

It's been a couple of weeks since I updated. I must admit that I've been feeling uninspired and just haven't had a whole lot to say. I snapped these photos of the backyard last weekend though and wanted to share. A lot has changed since Easter!

Our bird of paradise has to be the happiest plant in the yard. I always enjoy the beautiful show it puts on every summer.

Our trees had a bit of a tough year, but we think they're going to be okay. We've been doing treatments to try and help them. Pro tip: never use weed killer around new trees. We did this last year and our arborist thinks that's why the trees are looking rough. Pulling weeds by hand in our rather large backyard isn't fun, but we'll do what it takes to keep our trees healthy. Anyone have any tips for dealing with weeds without hurting new trees?

Our Turks Cap is so happy and our hummingbird friend visits our yard daily to enjoy the flowers. It almost makes up for the fact that the hummingbird didn't choose our yard to nest in this year (almost).

Herbs alive! The herb garden is doing fantastic. We don't have quite as much basil as we did in past years though (but it's still plenty for us).

The side yard remains our big project to tackle this spring. Look at how much bigger the evergreens and desert willow have gotten since Easter! 

Brendan does most of the hard work. When I look at our yard, I'm amazed at how far it's come. Remember when it was nothing but dirt? Brendan is always convinced he could be doing something better, but I'm just impressed things are alive here in our desert yard. 

As for us, we're doing pretty good. We made it two weeks into the semester. Labor Day had more excitement than we'd bargained for. Brendan donated blood and that night, he woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and ended up passing out. He hit his head and there was a lot of blood. We ended up calling the fire department because I wasn't sure I could get him to the car (I also started throwing up seeing the blood!) Once we got the bleeding to stop, the medics told us there was no need for stitches. I'm so thankful that he didn't break anything or end up with a concussion!

We both busier than usual this semester because we're both teaching literature courses face to face. I spend more time at home prepping and also have personal projects to work on like chapbook edits and a conference paper to write. Thus, I don't check in here as much!

I treated myself to a smoothie after work yesterday, and Brendan and I caught the opening night of First Date at Midland community theater. The show was cute and funny.

This morning, we had new bookcases delivered, my friend and I got our nails done, and we went to the park for a two year old's birthday. The weather in Midland has been beautiful and not too hot (highs of 87). It looks like we're in for some extreme heat again soon, so I'll enjoy the cooler temperatures while they last.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and our thoughts are with everyone in Irma's path. Stay safe Florida. This year's hurricane season is brutal.


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