Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A 40th Anniversary Surprise

Greetings faithful blog readers,

If you know us, you know we're deep in the throes of midterms. I just finished grading one set of essays, but I can't celebrate because on my to do list is: journals, discussion board, midterms, another set of journals, a class turning in essays today, and another class turning in midterms Monday. Yikes. Send help!

In addition to all the normal midterm craziness, we've been traveling for the last two weeks. I still haven't made time to unpack from our most recent trip, but I wanted to check in and tell you all about it.

On Thursday, Brendan and I celebrated 7 years together, but there was another anniversary on our minds: his parents 40th! The three of us (Annie, Brendan and I) had been planning on doing something special for about a year in honor of the big anniversary. We officially got the ball rolling in August and pulled off the perfect plan.

Step One: We'd surprise Brendan's parents with a trip to Connecticut. Annie picked us up at the airport just in time for dinner on Thursday. The parents were a bit annoyed with Annie for being late when we all walked into the restaurant and surprised the heck out of them. The look on their faces was priceless!

10/29 Edit: While they were distracted with the shock of having all their kids in one place, I pulled off step two of the surprise and handed them an "anniversary card" Brendan and I had made. On the front was a picture of a tree, and we'd glued our most recent ultrasound photo to the inside of the card with a pronouncement that "Baby girl Egan will be joining our family tree April 2018." We got happy tears and lots of hugs from the grandparents and aunt to be. It was perfect to be able to tell Brendan's family in person and is probably our favorite memory from the weekend. 

We spent the next day visiting with Brendan's grandparents and doing the number one activity on my Connecticut in the fall bucket list: apple picking!

I discovered a new apple variety that I love: the Suncrisp!

10/29 EDIT: We also went and told Brendan's grandparents our big news in person. Everyone was super happy. Fun fact: Brendan has a first cousin on each side of his family due around the same time as us, so each set of his grandparents will get two great grandchildren within the same timeframe. Since I don't have any of my own grandparents anymore, it means so much to me that baby girl will get to have four great-grandparents from her dad's side.

Finally, it was time for Step Three: Surprise Brendan's parents with a big anniversary party. This step took a lot more work! We'd mailed invitations back in August, but there was still day of work to pull off. Annie made an excuse about "needing to go into work," and arrived at the restaurant (Tony D's) early to decorate the tables with photographs of Sharon and Tim from over the years and flowers. Plus, she picked up delicious cupcakes. Meanwhile, Sharon and Tim thought we were heading to a wine tasting and a fancy dinner, so we all got ready.

We walked into the "wine tasting," and 40 friends and family greeted them with a big "surprise!" I'd say shock is an understatement! We were a little worried about their cardiovascular health after a weekend of one big surprise after another. We had an amazing meal (Calamari, bread, salad, chicken parmesan, fish, tortellini, pasta, and the most delicious cupcakes Annie picked up) and there were many champagne toasts. When the party wrapped up, we all moved to a nearby bar and stayed out visiting until 10PM.

The day was a beautiful celebration of two people I absolutely love. They've created a weird, wacky, and wonderful family I'm so happy to be a part of, and it was so heart warming to see so many of their friends and family be there to support them. We had guests fill out memory cards on 4X6 cards Brendan's cousin Katie made and slid them into a 4X6 photo book Annie picked up. I can't wait to read all the cards on my next visit to Connecticut.

Happy 40 years married (and 47 years together!) to Sharon and Tim; we look forward to celebrating many more October fifteenths as a family.


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