Thursday, November 9, 2017

Pregnancy: Weeks 13-16

Greetings faithful blog readers,

After my fair share of morning sickness, I was happy to put the first trimester behind me. In America, the first trimester marks the point when people usually start sharing the news of a pregnancy. There's no real logic to this, but I think people like the neatness of saying the first trimester is over. Since we made the decision to tell Brendan's family in person (at 15 weeks), we tried our best to keep the pregnancy quiet, but the bump started to get a bit obvious.

Week 13
Baby Size: Kiwi

Enjoy my not yet made bed in the background (I told you I'd be keeping it real!). This week, we selected a pediatrician for our baby. It was a difficult decision to make, but I looked for a practice that was conveniently located, had both doctors and PAs, had weekend/emergency hours, and had good reviews. I also wanted well/sick waiting areas. With many doctors to choose from at the practice, I selected a female doctor who also has young children herself. I figured she'd be a great role model to our baby girl and could perhaps provide me with some new mom tips. I was able to visit the practice in person; Brendan trusted my judgement and was glad when this was checked off our to-do list. Also this week, my sickness was still hanging around (notice my nausea bands in the picture). This marked the one and only time I was late to work (just two hours though) because of pregnancy as there was one morning I could not stop throwing up. This week, I am both looking and feeling SO tired. My Snoogle (pregnancy pillow) arrives. I ordered one without a cover: don't make my mistake (I ended up ordering a cover later).

Week 14
Baby Size: A Lemon

We're presenting at the SCMLA conference in Tulsa this week, and we tell our graduate school friends the news (let's face it: the fact that I'm bar hopping all night and only drinking water would've probably been a clear indicator!) A lady at the conference asks me if I'm pregnant or just fat. PSA: definitely rude to ever ask. I'm shocked that I have the stamina to stay out until 3:00AM. Traveling leaves me tired. I even think I'm getting sick and head to the doctor, but it turns out to be nothing. I manage to make it to yoga class in between trips. Yoga is my favorite these days; it's not a super challenging workout, but the stretching feels good, and I feel like I'm maintaining some strength. At the end of this week, I think I feel baby's first movements, but I realize it's crazy early so it could just be my imagination. My cousin says she wants to throw me a baby shower, and we select a weekend for it. I'm really excited and allow myself to look forward to it (even though thinking about the future is still scary to me).

15 Weeks 
Baby Size: Apple

We fly across the country today to tell Brendan's family our news. The flights leave me INSANELY thirsty and exhausted, but the long trip is so worth it to celebrate with everyone in person. We even get to fulfill my Connecticut in the fall dreams and go apple picking (appropriate for baby's "apple" week). On the way back home, we almost miss our flight (due to insanely long TSA lines) and have to RUN to catch our plane. On Sunday night, sleeping is miserable, and I wake up with a horribly sore back due to not being able to get comfortable. On the bright side, I end up being the only one in yoga, so I get a private lesson to work on it. Also this week, I leave work 45 minutes early with a terrible headache. As soon as I get home, I'm throwing up. Each time I think the sickness is over, it comes back to surprise me. I get a lot of sleep and feel better the next day. I start telling my extended family (aunts and uncles and all my cousins) which is wonderful. The one year anniversary of our first loss is this week, and I feel like I'm juggling a lot of emotions.

16 Weeks
Baby Size: An Avocado

I think this is the last week that my regular jeans fit comfortably. I definitely think I'm feeling baby movements this week. We tell more of our friends and cherish all their sweet/funny reactions. Our doctor's visit (at 16 and 1/2 weeks) goes well; baby's heartbeat is 146 bpm, and I've officially gained 4 pounds total. Two days later, we have a recreational ultrasound (at the doctor's office) and it's amazing. Our daughter looks like a real person and is moving all over the place. Plus, the ultrasound tech confirms the blood test results were right: definitely a little girl in there. My morning sickness returns one day this week, but at this point, I'm used to dealing with it and am able to go straight to work.

I look forward to sharing another pregnancy recap in a couple of weeks. I hope everyone has a great Thursday.


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