Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Maui Babymoon Part I

Greetings faithful blog readers, 
So far, Maui is just the slice of paradise we were hoping for. After a long plane ride here, we arrived at 2pm Maui time (6pm our time) and used the rest of the day to pick up our car, check in, unpack, and take a walk on the beach for an easy nearby dinner and music at the Barefoot Bar. In Maui, because of the time change, it’s easy to be early to bed and early to rise, and that works well for us. 

Day one started pretty early. I woke up at 5 something feeling totally refreshed. We started our day with an old favorite: breakfast at Sunrise Cafe in Lahaina (cash only if you plan to visit). Afterwards, we picked up our snorkeling gear at snorkel bobs. Prices have increased (we paid about 40 per week per person last time, and this time it was 58 per week per person—may vary by season?), but it’s hard to beat the convenience of snorkeling gear you don’t have to pack! After picking up our gear, we bought a few souvenirs in town (including two adorable Hawaiin dresses for baby girl) and headed to Safeway for groceries before heading back to our hotel. 

Luckily, one of our favorite Maui snorkeling spots (black rock) is just a beach walk from our hotel, so we got ready. One hilarious side effect of pregnancy is that I’m actually extremely buoyant, making it hard to dive deep to see fish. I just stay on the surface and can still see lots, and Brendan takes the underwater camera diving. Our best sight was a sea turtle that was delightful to observe. It wasn’t crowded, and we had him all to ourselves. 

After snorkeling, we showered and got ready for dinner at Lahaina Grill, which was one of our favorite Maui honeymoon meals. 

We’ve changed, but the great food at Lahaina Grill hasn’t! They were so sweet too and presented us with a pink Lahaina Grill bib when they noticed we were expecting. 

We started Alien Covenant (our hotel has DVD rentals), but I was falling asleep. We had an early wake up planned, so that was just fine. 

One thing we didn’t do in Maui last time was snorkel the Molokini Crater, and I was really excited for that. As an added bonus, the whales are in Maui. We booked a 7am boat ride on the Four Winds II and were at the dock as the sun was rising. 

We got so lucky! Flat water, perfect snorkeling, and multiple whale sightings. I captured video, but I’m unable to upload using this blogger app. One cool snorkeling sighting was a big old eel...neat! There was such a variety of pretty fish and turtles too. We were really happy with our tour which included breakfast, lunch, open bar (for Brendan), and two hours of snorkeling at the crater. There was even a water slide! 

After snorkeling, we drove to a scenic overlook for more whale watching. We spotted a few. Hopefully the pictures from Brendan’s camera will turn out. We stopped at our favorite shaved ice place (ululani’s), and I couldn’t resist buying a T-shirt (total tourist) before checking out the Banyan tree. 

We ate a delicious dinner at Miso Phat and finished our movie (not my favorite Aliens movie) before turning in. Side note: I’ve been snacking on so much pineapple: Cannot. Get. Enough. 

Monday, we had brunch reservations at The Plantation House, a new to us dining experience. The pancakes, Benedict’s, and views are all spectacular. This place is a good beat if you’d like to start the day off decadent. 

After brunch and digesting, we definitely needed our exercise! We drove to old airport beach for snorkeling, beach walking, and sunning. We were out for hours. The coral was hopping! Brendan got photos on his underwater camera (Pentax optio wg2, which he found on eBay for $40...very much recommend, so you can leave your phone/valuables safe in the car). Here’s a picture he snapped on our balcony with my phone before leaving. 

After we returned, Brendan got in the hot tub (I just put my legs in), and we shared an appetizer for dinner at a restaurant on the property before starting a new movie (sicario). Of course, I was falling asleep again, and we couldn’t finish! 

Today was another adventure, but I’ll leave it for a future post. There’s a movie calling our names. 

Hope your weekend was paradise! 
S&B (photo/video updates show L&Z are being loved—thanks Matt and Amanda!) 

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