Sunday, December 24, 2017

Pregnancy Weeks 21-24

Greetings faithful blog readers,

Merry Christmas Eve! We are home from Maui after a fantastic babymoon (part II recap coming soon) and are celebrating with family and friends at our Austin Christmas Eve party in just a bit. When we last left off with pregnancy updates, we'd just been given a good report at baby girl's 20 week anatomy scan. The scan definitely put me at ease more, and I've been enjoying this past month of pregnancy the most. Read on for this month's recap:

Week 21
Baby Size: A Carrot 

Baby girl celebrated her first Thanksgiving (well, sort of) in San Angelo. I couldn't stuff myself because there's only so much stomach space now that she is taking up more room, but I did have tons of thankful thoughts. The first friend I told about our pregnancy had her baby on Thanksgiving, which was a big surprise at 34 and 1/2 weeks (everyone is doing good). My parents joined us for a few days of continued celebrating in Midland, and everyone (Brendan, mom, and dad) was able to feel baby girl kick. Heartburn is still a thing, but I don't take anything for it because I find it more annoying than bothersome. Coming back to work after the holiday is tough, and I find myself turning in for bed at 9:30 sometimes. During this week, I start to feel movement daily, and it's so reassuring. A few of our sweet coworkers give us baby gifts, and Brendan's parents are gifting us with the crib (we are still picking one out). Brendan's mom has officially picked her grandparent name (Gigi); it's pretty sweet to imagine our parents as grandparents. 

Week 22
Baby Size: A Small Coconut 

Baby girl is probably officially a pound, which feels like a neat milestone. Our wonderful colleagues tell us they want to throw us a baby shower in Midland in January. We head to Babies R Us to scan some baby items in person. It's hilarious to realize that, despite research, we don't know much about items like pacifiers, bottles, etc. We do our best anyway; at least we find a glider that's comfy! We see a movie (Three Billboards), and baby girl is kicking the entire time, which is so funny. Finals are approaching, so we're working all day even on the weekends now (and wrapping presents in our spare time). Sweets and treats are in abundance at work. I definitely taste things but try not to over-indulge because I know my gestational diabetes test is around the corner. It's getting colder out, and I hate it because I have three pairs of pants that fit (I also have lots of leggings and tights though) and because it's so hard to get out of bed when it's cold in the house. We find out Brendan's family is definitely coming to our shower in Austin, and we're so excited.

Week 23
Baby Size: A Large Mango

When one of my classes tries to recommend an eight mile uphill hike to me (in Maui), I mention to them that I'm pregnant. Half of them are surprised and half say, "I really thought so, but I didn't want to ask!" We have both our holiday parties at work this week, and we're still insanely busy with grading. If I stare at my stomach when baby girl is kicking, I can see it move, which is wild! I make Brendan stare at it until he can see it too because I think it's so neat. I email our families about getting T-dap vaccines. I have some really hungry days and some "I have to pee all the time days," but it doesn't feel like those symptoms are consistent. Kicking is constant though, and I'm so thankful for it. At the end of week 23, I finish my grades. It's a huge weight off my shoulders. Speaking of weight, I've gained about eight pounds so far.

Week 24
Baby Size: An Ear of Corn 

Baby girl is almost a foot long and about 1.32 pounds (according to estimates I found online). We're traveling this week, first to Austin for one night (my brother gets to feel his niece kicking, which is sweet) and then to Maui to celebrate our babymoon. Before we leave, I buy a few new bras. Mine were getting uncomfortable and for good reason! I've gone up one band and several cup sizes. Despite the long plane rides and early mornings in Hawaii, I'm doing and feeling good. I'm pleasantly surprised at how much stamina I have. We are very active in Maui (lots of walking, hiking, snorkeling, and swimming), and I have no problems keeping up. I'm surprisingly buoyant in the water and cannot hold my breath much at all, so snorkeling is all surface for me this trip (the water is clear though, so I can still see lots). We buy a few things in Hawaii for the baby (two dresses, a bib, and a banner for her nursery), and enjoy our last vacation as a party of two. I'll always remember laying on the beach and having Brendan feel our baby kicking. It's fun to relive our honeymoon and make new memories in Maui too. There are no cocktails for me, but at least there's plenty of shaved ice!

I'll be back soon with the rest of the babymoon recap! We hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas :)


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