Friday, January 19, 2018

Pregnancy Weeks 25-28

Greetings faithful blog readers,

When we last left off with the pregnancy updates, Brendan and I were enjoying our babymoon in Maui and finishing off the most enjoyable month of pregnancy yet. Baby girl had started to kick constantly, weighed over a pound, and I'd purchased more maternity clothes to keep up with her growth spurts.

He's a look at our month since then:

Week 25
Baby Size: A rutabaga (link to Wikipedia in case you, like me, are thinking "what's that?")

We start off the week in gorgeous Maui, and on our last day of vacation, we take maternity photos with Jane Johnson. This was more important to me than Brendan, but he was a great sport, and I'll always treasure these pictures (and I hope our daughter will too). When booking, I'd worried 25 weeks may be too early for maternity photos, but the bump was obvious, and I felt beautiful. We had a wonderful end to our vacation, and I managed the red eye plane ride (which involved a night sleeping on the plane rather than in a bed) really well. (Tips: change into pajamas, brush your teeth, and take out your contacts before the plane ride. Bring a sleeping mask and ear plugs. We had exceptionally bad turbulence, and I still managed to sleep for most of both plane rides). Once we're back in Austin, we're busy preparing for my family's Christmas Eve party. I get to see lots of family and high school friends, which is awesome. My gag reflex is super sensitive this week, and brushing my teeth makes me sick for the first time in a couple of months. Our Christmas is wonderful. Our gifts to each other mostly center around our anticipated arrival. I gift Brendan a fancy camera lens (for taking closeup portraits of the baby) and "Papa Bear," "Mama Bear," "Baby Bear" pajamas for next year (cheesy, but I can't resist), and he gifts me books and movies (for staying in once the baby comes), a super soft nursing gown and robe, and a baby girl deer to complete the deer family we display on our mantle each Christmas. Unfortunately, on Christmas night, I come down with a cough. The next day, I cough so hard that I throw up (yuck/sorry to Amanda and Matt's rug). At the end of the week, we celebrate Brendan's birthday with a trip to the movies and hanging out with friends at a bar. We also celebrate Christmas with Graham and Erynn. Luckily by then, my cough is replaced by a runny nose, so I'm feeling well enough to stay out and be the designated driver.

Week 26
Baby Size: A red cabbage 

Are you guys as sick of seeing this outfit as I am of wearing it? It's not easy to find outfits that fit these days. We spend the beginning of the week in Austin. During the first part, I'm still getting over my allergies or cold sickness, so I take some very long naps. Since baby girl is able to hear us now, we enjoy playing her music ("Till There Was You" both the Music Man and The Beatles versions and Beyonce). Baby girl kicks a lot, which we hope means she's enjoying herself. We ring in the New Year by having dinner with Elda (who gifts us some adorable "I love mommy" and "I love daddy" onesies) and then playing board games with my parents and Cole. I'm pretty sure I feel baby's first case of the hiccups this week, but it's hard to be certain. We return to Midland midweek and are kept busy with unpacking, laundry, sending out New Year cards, going to the grocery store, and beginning the process of clearing out our office to make way for the nursery. I finish the week with my first doctor's appointment in six weeks (travel has me behind schedule), and it involves the dreaded glucose tolerance test. Luckily, the drink isn't that bad (for reference, I picked the fruit punch flavor), and best of all, I don't have gestational diabetes, which is a huge relief. Baby girl's heart rate is 146 bpm, and the nurse confirms that she is having hiccups (so I guess I was probably really feeling those earlier this week). I get my Tdap vaccine (Brendan doesn't need another, thanks to our 2016 Africa travels), my blood pressure is good, and I've gained 12 pounds total so far during the pregnancy. My friend Julie had her baby the same morning of my appointment (a second little girl, which I predicted correctly!), and texting with her is a good distraction while waiting for my blood to be drawn. After we leave the doctor's office, we head to Babies R' Us to order a dresser and changing table topper (which is a gift from my mom).

Week 27 
Baby Size: A cauliflower (Brendan says the comparisons have become ridiculous)

Remember week 20? Such a big change in just 7 weeks!
We make some more progress clearing out the office and take several old bookcases to Goodwill, and we finally order the crib (a gift from Brendan's parents). Speaking of Brendan's parents, his dad has picked his grandparent name ("Buddy," so cute). I'm pretty sure my dad wants to go by "Pops," so now we're just waiting on my mom's decision (As mentioned in my last update, Brendan's mom choose the sweet name "Gigi"). Once we have all the furniture ordered (and more of the space cleared), we really start to get excited about the nursery coming together and order the curtains and rug. Strong kicking from baby girl continues, and Brendan enjoys poking my stomach and having baby girl kick him back. We can definitely see my stomach shake visibly, which we continue to think is so funny. Heartburn has been bad this week, and I've started taking over the counter medicine for it. I return to exercise after a holiday hiatus by going to a prenatal yoga class, which is really enjoyable. It's fun to meet some other moms due around the same time as me. We take down all the Christmas decorations and are both a bit bummed that the holidays and winter break are ending (but we're also getting closer to eventually meeting our daughter, which is an exciting thought to say the least). We head back to work, and suddenly, everyone is congratulating us as the pregnancy is now completely obvious. I also get a lot of comments about how big I look. With a short torso, there is no where for baby to go except for out in front! I've accepted it. A co-worker in the SimLife center is super sweet and does an ultrasound for us. Baby girl loves to stay right up against the placenta (our co-worker says it's because she can hear my heart that way and it's comforting), so it's hard to get pictures of her full face, but of course, like any parents, we think she's the most beautiful baby ever. Our co-worker even points out the start of hair growth to us (I read that a John Hopkins study showed heartburn during pregnancy means the baby will be born with hair, so I'm not surprised!). Baby weighs 2 pounds, 10 ounces and measures right on track. That night, we attend our first childbirth education class. We were on the fence about registering but were ultimately convinced it'd be useful. While none of the information we learn is brand new (since we've been reading a lot), we still both think the first class was useful. We learned some information about our hospital's specific options. And while I kind of wish I didn't see some of the visual aids, I guess it's good to know (fully) what I'm getting into. The next day, our coworkers throw us an absolutely gorgeous baby shower. We are seriously blown away by their generosity and eagerness to celebrate with us, and things start to feel real once I get home and start organizing all the baby stuff. I Facetime our moms, and they can't believe how lucky we are either! What a great ending to the second trimester!

Week 28 
Baby Size: A large eggplant 

Baby girl and I have officially made it to the third trimester. It feels like a big deal, and three months until we meet her seems both like an eternity and like it won't be enough time to get everything done. Our house is filling with all the stuff we ordered for the nursery, but we don't have time to unbox most of it. I get my Rhogam shot (since I'm O- and Brendan's O+, the shot prevents complications with my body attacking the baby if she has a + blood type), and the next day, we're off to Austin! Brendan's parents and sister fly to Austin for our baby shower, and we get to spend the whole long weekend with our families, which is great. Speaking of our families: everyone has their TDAP vaccines! On Sunday, my cousin throws us the most amazing baby shower (blog post coming soon), and we're surrounded by so much love and generosity from family and friends. My mom signs the shower guestbook as "Lolly," so I guess she has picked her grandparent name (she told me she didn't think it'd be right to sign as "Dr. Huling," haha). Week 28 is full of kicks (I'm supposed to start kick counts, but so far, kicks are so consistent that I haven't had to make a conscious effort to count them), and Brendan's family gets to feel baby girl move. Brendan's sister, Annie ("Auntie"), starts crying the second she feels her niece kicking, which is a sweet moment that I'll always remember. My stomach is visibly moving and shaking this week...whoa! We get to meet my friend Belle's baby, Maggie Lyn, and it's wild to think we'll soon be responsible for a little baby of our own. Belle gives us some diapers that Maggie Lyn grew out of, and I think newborn diapers are adorable (remind me I said that). On Monday, we head home (and stop for a DQ Blizzard--I guess this counts as a craving), and I organize the shower gifts in the nursery, which is now completely full of baby stuff. We got most of what we need from the showers and feel so fortunate and grateful. A cold front blows into Midland and with it a cold for me (of course). I'm very congested just in time to kick off the semester. Unlike last semester when I avoided discussing the pregnancy with students, this semester, it's a topic I address on day one. Half of my course load will be flex courses that finish before spring break; the other half of classes will need a few weeks of (already arranged) coverage after the baby comes. My students are understanding and sweet about the news. Other odds and ends: my heartburn continues to be problematic this week but especially so at night, childbirth class is canceled because the instructor and guest presenter both have the flu (I hope everyone has had a shot, this season is nasty), I start shower thank-you notes, and my end of week weigh in shows I'm up 15 pounds for the pregnancy. The snoogle and  mama bee belly butter continue to be favorites.

I'll be back in a month with week 29-32 updates!

We hope everyone has a great weekend.


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