Monday, January 22, 2018

Showered With Love: Our Work Baby Shower

Greetings faithful blog readers,

I'm backtracking to nearly two weeks ago to tell you all about the amazing baby shower that our co-workers put on in celebration of baby girl Egan.

Before the recap, a story: Over seven years ago, when Brendan and I first arrived in Midland, we never thought we'd stay for a substantial amount of time. But something unexpected happened: we realized just how wonderful the place we work and the people we work with are. They become a little family to us, and realizing our luck to find such opportunities, support, and a school with a mission we felt empowered by, we decided to make Midland our home. 

At our baby shower, we were reminded again of how fortunate we are to have found this place. The room was full of nothing but love and support, and so many people stopped by to celebrate with us (we took the photo at the end, so not everyone was in it). Sometimes in life, you just stumble into good luck. Such was the case for us when we applied to eighty schools and ended up here in west Texas. 

Read on, and you'll see what we do: a large support system of people that we're grateful to have; they've made work comfortable for us, they've helped shape us into better teachers by giving us resources and guidance, and they've seen us through every major life milestone. Their thoughtfulness was absolutely touching, and we're so happy our baby will get to know such kind people. Without further delay, here's all the baby shower details: 

Our co-workers knew we are doing a southwest theme for the nursery, and they really went all out with the cowgirl invitations and the amazing cake. 

Fun fact: one of my co-workers MADE this cake. In addition to looking beautiful, it was absolutely delicious too. I told her she could open a bakery, but she says she just likes to do it for fun. Can you imagine being so talented with fondant? Aren't the coyotes a cute touch? 

There were great snacks galore: a huge variety of homemade cookies, veggies, fruit, trail mix, chips & hummus, cheese, and the most delightful punch. As a bonus, we got to take home lots of leftovers and enjoy them with family in Austin. 

My coworker used a bundt cake pan to make this raspberry ice ring to keep the punch chilled. Genius!

Me with the amazing hostesses (Karen, Lynda, and Sara) and cake decorator (Stephanie)! 

I blog a lot about our friends Dagan and Steph. We work with Dagan, and his wife Stephanie took off from work (in Odessa, over half an hour away) to be at our shower. It was wonderful to have them there. 

After snacks and some visiting, it was time for present opening: 

We were really blown away by people's generosity. It was overwhelming in the best way. Our co-worker Emily took these photos: 

Baby's first swimsuit: is it summer yet?! 

Feminist Baby, a must for any little girl! 

We got books galore, ensuring baby girl will be the most well-read baby on the block. 

Super cute cacti nursery print says "though she be little, she is fierce." 

There will be no shortage of adorable dresses in this little girl's life! 

There were so many sweet cards! I'm saving them all to make her a book (fun fact: I still need to make a book of our wedding cards, but I do still have them all. File under: one day). 

Finally, have you ever seen someone so excited about diapers? I think diapers are adorable. Someone remind me I said that! 

We're so thrilled that our co-workers took time to celebrate our daughter with us. This was the sweetest way to kick off our semester. Thanks to everyone who made it so special! 


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