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Hello Baby! Our Friends & Family Baby Shower

Greetings faithful blog readers,

I'm backtracking to Sunday, January 14th to tell you all about our amazing baby shower my cousin, Amanda, and her husband, Matt, hosted for us in their home. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend was ideal for the celebration because we wanted Brendan's family to have more travel time, and it was ideal for us to have a longer to visit with everyone too. I have to hand it to Amanda and Matt for being game with the MLK weekend plan because not only were they recovering from the holidays but also from a recent trip to London. They were very busy leading up to the shower and obviously put a ton of time and energy into making it special for us. There were so many gorgeous details, and we loved them all. The most special part though was the people that were there to share the celebration with us. We really wanted a couple's shower, and many of the men in attendance were tickled to experience their first baby shower ever. We loved having our dads, uncles, cousins, and friends in on the fun. I couldn't have imagined the day without the guys and dad-to-be in attendance; Brendan has been with me for every second of this journey, and our friends and family shower was one of the happiest days of it so far. Here's a look into a most special day:

If you've been reading for awhile, you know I have a thing for puns and jokes that I think are hilarious (okay, maybe only me). Amanda's "baby shower" craft takes the cake for most amazing decor that made me laugh. As an added bonus, we were able to take the clouds and raindrops to hang in baby girl's nursery.

Speaking of cake, can you believe this one? Amanda, her mom (my aunt Annette), and her sister (my cousin Elena) made this gorgeous (and delicious) chocolate cake with cream cheese icing (my favorite). Elena decorated to create all the succulents on the cake. And Brendan's cousin, Katie, sent the topper (she made) all the way from New Jersey (the matching banner is hanging in our nursery now). It truly looked remarkable and was a compilation of family love.

Knowing Brendan's love for cheesecake, Amanda ordered him one. And the beautiful E? She made that for baby, and it's in her nursery now. Amanda said she'll even make us a first initial once baby girl has a name (nope, we still haven't decided and don't plan to until we see her!) 

I really wanted our shower to be fun and saw no reason for it to be alcohol free. Amanda was super thoughtful and got me some non-alcoholic sparkling cider to mix with my juice, and it was awesome. Everyone else got champagne. Bonus points for the "mom-osa" and "hot dad chocolate" signs that made me laugh out loud.

I'm not sure what was in the hot dad chocolate, but it was amaz-ing. Amanda and I obsessed over the weather leading up to the shower, and we ended up with a nice day though there was a little chill in the air...just enough so that this hot chocolate was the perfect thing! 

Yummy snacks: 

The guestbook was a copy of the book The Giving Tree and the sign read "pick a page from one to three and leave a note for baby E." Our parents brought our baby photos/albums to display on the table. I loved looking at all of Brendan's adorable photos and taking a walk down memory lane checking out my own baby album. 

Amanda had an awesome idea to have everyone paint wooden letters that we could use to decorate the nursery. Each guest picked a letter, wrote their name on the back, and painted the front. It was a nice day, so we could move outside to the picnic tables, and it was so cool to see everyone's creativity. 

Cousin Elena & her boyfriend Byron, Bob and his wife Lucy (Bob and my Dad have been friends since I was a child!), my parents, my honorary aunt Alicia! 

Here are the results (for now). Brendan and I will decorate the "X" and the "O" ourselves. We already have these up in the nursery, and oh my are they adorable (nursery tour coming soon to a blog near you).

We had so many guests that came from near and far to celebrate! 

Cassie, my friend from HS and her boyfriend, John (who reminds me a lot of Brendan!)
Kelsey and I have been friends since birth. Kelsey's son is a year old. It will be fun to be on this journey together.  
All the way from Connecticut: "Gigi," "Auntie," and "Buddy"
I had family there from New Orleans, Houston, Georgetown, and Kyle:
Austin Gals: Aunt Annette, Cousins Elena & Casey, Aunt Elaine, Me, Cousins Amy & Amanda 
Dad and Uncle Julio

Matt & Alicia 

Mom and Uncle John

Remember the lips and mustaches game from my bridal shower? They've become a tradition of sorts. Amanda has used them for another shower she hosted, they made an appearance at her bridal shower and at my friend Kristen's shower as well. Brendan and I answered questions about parenthood and Amanda read one of our answers. Guests had to hold up either lips or mustaches to indicate who they thought said what. My dad wanted to know what he would win, and Amanda said "we're millennials, everyone wins!" Brendan and I really enjoyed hearing each other's thoughts on becoming all started to feel much more real. 

After the game, we cut into the cake and cheesecake before opening presents. The desserts were served with fresh berries, which was scrumptious! 

Every single gift was a highlight. We are truly grateful that we now have all the essentials to care for our daughter. Here's a look at some of the gifts (also, behind us is the banner that Brendan's cousin made that's now in the nursery): 

Mom's friend, Virginia, knitted this baby blanket
Brendan's dad painted these for our southwest themed nursery. 

Brendan's grandma made this beautiful quilt (now there's officially one or two in every bedroom of our house)
Annie & Josh found a beautiful antique rug to hang in baby girl's nursery
Gigi and Auntie went on a bit of a shopping spree for baby! 
There was a hilarious moment at the shower where my cousins Gant & Amy presented us with a Buc-ees onesie and much hilarity ensued explaining the wonders of Buc-ees to Brendan's family.

Brendan's family made baby girl adorable onesies 

There were delicious homemade rice crispies treats as favors. In Amanda's words "nom."

We truly had a spectacular time, and we couldn't be more thankful for the people that shared the day with us.

Hot dad chocolate with a "hot dad-to-be"

We look forward to the journey ahead and are so thankful for the friends and family that will share it with us.

We hope everyone has an awesome Superbowl weekend.


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