Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Different Kind of Spring Break

Greetings faithful blog readers!

It's the first day of spring break, and we're not jet-setting to a conference in San Francisco and romantic getaway to Napa, hiking Big Bend National Park, attending Red Sox spring training/playing in Austin, catching up with friends in Los Angeles, taking in the sounds of SXSW, being in an wedding, or embarking on a road trip. Nope, instead I'm sitting at my sticky bar (Brendan is writing in the other room) and sipping on water after a full day (nearly 7 hours) of grading. And you know what? We're totally embracing our "let's get caught up on work and nest" spring break.

Though it would have been awesome to be able to be at AWP in Tampa right now and have read on Thursday night (at 36+ weeks, I'm too pregnant to fly), I'm truly feeling a.) very thankful to be pregnant, b.) very relieved that I just turned in grades for two of my courses (that means I'm finished with half my load), c.) grateful for the time to catch up on grading for the other two classes (hellooooo essays and midterms) and d.) glad that spring break falls when I'm pregnant enough to be highly motivated to check off any remaining tasks but not so pregnant that I feel like I can't move.

Brendan and I were taking a walk tonight and reflecting on our spring breaks of the past. In the past, we always did some grading over spring break, but we both discussed how this year is different because we have a deep desire to get all the grading "squared away," so that we leave classes organized and our students with feedback before going on leave. Plus, there are so many things to be done around the house and yard that we are both really appreciating having a week to get organized. That said, we have realistic expectations about what can be done. This baby is not coming home to a "perfect house," (we still have "junk drawers") or "perfect parents," but we know we'll have done our best to prepare.

Despite having a to-do list, we're still making some time for spring breaking. I just finished a super fast read by the author of the Frugalwoods blog that I wrote about in my last post. I love what she has to say, and even though my goals aren't the same as hers, her book gave me a lot of "food for thought." Just a warning though: it's really much more of a memoir than a "how-to guide," and I was more expecting the latter. We also started a new TV series on Amazon Prime: Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Any fans of Black Mirror will enjoy this show too. Plus, we went to dinner with friends Dagan and Steph last night, and I'm excited to visit my friend Casey and her new baby later this week.

Also, I'd be remiss not to mention the real winners of our "hanging around the house" spring break...

Lola and Zoe are immensely enjoying all the extra snuggles. And to thank us for staying home with them this week, we've already had the privilege of cleaning up their vomit twice (awesome).

If you get a spring break, we hope you're up to your own definition of awesome, and if you aren't spring breaking, we hope you're having a restorative and relaxing weekend.

Before I sign off, just a quick and exciting note that I'm planning to give a reading (if baby girl doesn't make a surprise early debut) on Wednesday, March 21st at Midland College. You can find the details on my new chapbook page. 


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