Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Home Tour (3+ YEARS in)

Greetings faithful blog readers,

It has literally been years since I did a home tour post. I was inspired to do this because in order to clear our office to make way for the nursery, we had to make some changes. We got rid of furniture and added new furniture. When I went back and looked at our home tour post from 7 months in, I was shocked at how empty all the rooms looked. We definitely don't like clutter, but with a baby on the way, clutter is going to be more inevitable. I figured now would be an interesting time to capture what our home looks like as we anticipate the arrival of our first child.

The dining room has seen significant changes. Namely, when we got rid of our junky office bookcases, and we invested in some nicer bookcases from Haverty's. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that's where I find most furniture in Midland; in my experience, Haverty's furniture holds up well, and they have good customer service. These are from the Martin's Landing set. Brendan printed photos from our Africa trip to hang in this room, and we love them.

The bar cart is another new addition to this room. We ordered it over two years ago on Overstock, and it looks almost exactly like this one. We've been happy with it. The high chair is a hand me down from our friends Dagan and Steph, but I love how well it matches our dining room furniture. We don't eat in this room often, but it's our go to space for playing board games, entertaining, or enjoying nicer meals. Sometimes, I'll set up my laptop in here and work (not when I'm pregnant because I'm all about the couch right now). We also have two collages in here by Brendan's dad, which we love. 

The front entryway hasn't changed much, except we did get artwork by Brendan's dad (see drawing on left wall), and of course, this is now our stroller storage zone. We really feel lucky to be able to ship ourselves artwork from Connecticut and frame it once it arrives here. I love all of Brendan's dad's pieces and the pieces our friends have given us too. 

Entryway to kitchen and main hallway view: 

To the left of the hallway: 

The guest room is pretty much unchanged besides the fact that there is little closet space now thanks to clearing the other closet to make way for baby stuff. I did leave the dresser in here mostly empty for guest use. 

The second bathroom between these rooms is virtually unchanged: 

The kitchen! We still love it and still spend most of our time in the kitchen room/living area. You can see the light on in the laundry room in the second picture, but it's virtually unchanged, so I didn't get new pictures of it. 

Our other new bookcase (also Haverty's) is in the kitchen dining area. We moved the filing cabinet in here and also got the Epson XP-440 in January, which we love so far. It's really tiny, so it can fit almost anywhere. We eat most of our meals at the bar, so the dining table in the kitchen is another good "I don't have a desk" workspace.  

Though my favorite workspace is always going to be the couch :) We do have some new artwork in the living area, but other than that, the couch, and the mamaroo, it's pretty much the same. This room is cozy, and we love spending time in here. 

Our room is pretty much the same, except you can see that we moved Brendan's fancy printer in here (see corner) and the art has changed.

Brendan wasn't totally convinced about getting this chair, and we both use it all the time for reading and writing. I hate to say I'm always right but...

Our bathroom and closet area is pretty much unchanged (except my bathtub candle collection has somehow grown exponentially). You can see more pics of the bathroom in the last home tour post

The garage is the same, and our front and backyards are currently a work in progress. Right now, we're coming out of winter and green things are just starting to appear.

I hope you guys enjoyed our tour. We continue to be happy here and have enjoyed the process of finding ways to make our space work best for us. Mostly, we can't believe we've been here for over three years, but I'll save you the paragraph where I muse on the passage of time!


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