Sunday, May 27, 2018

Newborn Photos

Greetings faithful blog readers,

Brendan and I have few disagreements in life, but one of them was over maternity and newborn photos. You see, Brendan does not like having his photo taken, and I love family photos; specifically, I love really well done photos--the kind you usually have to pay someone to take. My obsession began when I was a child and people would mail family photo holiday cards to our house. We displayed all of our cards, and I enjoyed the letters that accompanied them even if I didn't know the people. I started sending my own cards in 2008 when it was just me, Lola, and Zoe. I've never missed a year and have talked various friends into doing photoshoots (thanks Erica!).

To be fair, I did promise Brendan in 2012 that we could skip maternity photos when he agreed to do engagement photos. But when I got pregnant, I really started regretting that promise, and that's when the conversation came up about maternity and newborn pics. Ultimately, Brendan is a wise man and did not argue too much with his pregnant wife. Though he would have skipped these experiences, he let me make the decision and agreed to be a good sport. He held up his end of the deal, and I think he's glad we have the maternity photos now (even if it's mostly because of how happy it made me).

With Brendan's approval, and the trust in my intuition that photographing babies was probably much harder than it appeared (and therefore was not a DIY or have a friend do it situation), I did an extensive online search for newborn photographers in the Midland area back in November, and I really liked what I saw in Steph Baldwin's Simplicity Photography. I sent her a deposit from our babymoon in Maui, and I'm so glad that I did.

Steph has five children of her own, and it turns out that gives her the superpower of being a baby whisperer. I watched in awe as she posed Willa for several hours, got her in and out of various swaddles and headbands and diapers, and managed to hardly wake her! To Brendan's relief, our participation was minimal, but the photos we got were awesome. Here are some of our favorites:

And, our absolute favorite: 

Thanks to Steph for capturing these special moments and to Brendan for being a good sport. I will cherish these photos forever and ever!

I hope everyone is having an awesome Memorial Day weekend. It is currently 107 degrees here (seriously), so we're enjoying our weekend inside (though we do get out for our morning walks!)


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