Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Another Austin Recap

Greetings faithful blog readers,

It has been nearly a month since my last check in style post, and so much has happened since then. After a few weeks at home where our focus was mostly on relaxation and family time (and some writing for Brendan), we headed back to Austin again. We celebrated my birthday a day late with family (photos by Amanda).

Amanda made this gorgeous and delicious FBI cake. She's winning cousin of the year! I need to bake her a cake since she's made two for me this year.  

The next day, Brendan gave my parents a ride to the airport. They headed to Las Vegas, and we looked forward to getting a change of scenery in Austin with the house to ourselves.

Our morning walks instantly became cuter as baby fawns are populating my parents' neighborhood.

When it's just the two of us in Austin, we always make it a point to try new restaurants. I loved Chi'Lantro. Two words: Kimchi Fries. 

Willa enjoyed her first Star Wars experience as we found Star Wars, The Last Jedi on Netflix. 

Amanda and Matt had us over for the most delicious dinner ever! They made lamb and popovers. Plus, they had ice cream. They are both winning cousin of the year! 

We were out the door early on the 4th of July for the neighborhood parade. Once a small gathering, the parade now has sponsors, includes the mayor, and every street in the neighborhood fills with people parking. Luckily, we could just walk. Willa slept through most of her first parade. 

That night, we drove to Elda's house for dinner and fireworks. Elda made us dinner, and we loved visiting with her and her friend Carolyn and enjoying fireworks from the balcony. It was a cloudy night, but we could still see lots!

The next day was our five year anniversary. Brendan picked my parents up from the airport that afternoon, and my mom was back home in time to babysit while we enjoyed dinner at Barley Swine. We took a family picture before we left. 

This was our first visit to Barley Swine, which Amanda and Matt recommended to us. We opted to do the chef's 10 course tasting menu, and it was a really enjoyable meal. The ambiance at Barley Swine is really pretty and intimate, the service was outstanding, and they really went out of their way to add special touches for our anniversary. If you are celebrating a special occasion, it is worth the splurge. We'll be remembering that meal for a long time! 

The next day, we visited with my parents. Then my mom babysat again, so we could meet Cassie and John for dinner and see The Antipodes at Hyde Park Theatre. The show is by Annie Baker, and this is the second US production; amazing show: funny, weird, and a must see for any writer especially. Love HPT and how much their shows make us think. Few things in Austin have stayed as wonderful as I remember, but HPT is still a true gem.

July 7th is Corley's birthday, and we got to spend the day together! She met Willa, and then we got to do brunch just the two of us at Chez Zee. She lives in Sacramento now, so it was such a joy to see her for the first time since our trip to San Francisco in March 2017.

Later, the celebrating continued at Pinthouse Pizza! We saw Cassie and John again plus some people we went to HS with that I really enjoyed catching up with. I had my first true breastfeeding in public experience too. 

We headed home on Sunday, and Lola & Zoe were ver happy to see us. We have plenty to keep us busy before our next trip! Hope everyone is loving summer! 


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