Saturday, January 19, 2019

Updates From 2019

Greetings faithful blog readers,

I hope everyone gets a long weekend to enjoy. We've been back at work for two weeks now, and we're slowly easing into the new semester. Still, we already appreciate this mini-break. On our agenda is enjoying the beautiful weather (we've had a mild January with highs in the 60s/70s (though I don't want to say that and curse it!), working out, cooking (we're planning to make this, this, and this, plus Brendan is baking bread), laundry (always), and of course, enjoying family time.

Watching, Reading, Etc. 
We're in a pretty good place with sleep right now. Willa goes to bed around 6PM, so we try to make the most of our evening time both individually and together. In addition to having dinner just the two of us, it gives us time to write and decompress (at least, for now, when our grading stacks aren't loaded). We watched the movie Eighth Grade last night on Amazon Prime (funny/moving/extremely anxiety provoking) and are tuning in for season 3 of True Detective on HBO (scary like season 1), and season 1 of Sex Education (funny/lighthearted) on Netflix. I recently finished the novel Bitter Orange (a Christmas gift from Brendan) and loved it, and I've been meditating daily with my gifted subscription to Headspace (plus, I'm obsessed with their sleepcasts).

Several people have asked me about my life planner recently. I always review these in the summer, but you can order them for Jan-Dec (that's what I do). Here's my 2019 review and my coupon code. I recently went to the Erin Condren store in the domain, and it was amazing FYI!

We've been trying to declutter in the new year and also recently purchased some storage baskets for Willa's toys and books. 99% of the time, the toys live all over the living room floor though.

Now that little miss is crawling (still army crawling, really, but very efficient at it!), we recently set up the pack and play in our room again. She outgrew the bouncer chair, and I have to have somewhere to set her down in the mornings while I get ready. The pack and play has a huge footprint, but we fill it with toys and it keeps her happy and allows me to brush my teeth, so it's worth it.

Miss Baby 
She's not much of a napper (we can get 2 one hour naps if we're lucky), but she'll wake up 1-3 times between bedtime (between 5 and 6PM) and waking up (between 5:30AM and 7:30AM), so we really cannot complain. She eats 3 meals a day, loves finger foods, and is extremely interested in toys and games. She enjoys playing with other babies at school and usually attends from 8:45-2:15. She still has a very happy disposition and is generally game for whatever we have planned; she pretty much only cries if she's tired. We are over the moon for her. She is the inspiration for a million goofy songs and we love kissing her, rocking her, reading to her, and snuggling with her. 

Writing News
Brendan recently had a story picked up by The North American Review online (coming this spring), and we're thrilled. Will post the link when it's available. 

Today, I got another shipment of 25 chapbooks from PANK. If you want a signed one, you can Venmo me $17 (cost of book + shipping) at Stacy-Egan-1. Please make sure to tell me you address for shipping.  (You can read more about the collection of four short stories here) 

We hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend. May the days go by slowly so you can soak it all up. 

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