Sunday, March 3, 2019


Greetings faithful blog readers,

February was a tough month for us! Despite all of us being vaccinated, Willa spent the first week of the month out of daycare with the flu (my mom came down to take care of her, so thankfully, we didn't miss too much work). The next week, I woke up sick and took off to go to the doctor. Thankfully, I had neither flu nor strep, but the doctor did prescribe Tamiflu for both Brendan and I. Brendan finished the month with his third sinus infection in three months (he has a third antibiotic prescription and a referral to an ear, nose, and throat specialist to show for it). Plus, Willa and I have had colds for the past week (I think we're finally doing better). All in all, we're not sad to be welcoming March, but here's a quick recap of the things Feb-U-Weary gave us to smile over: 

A Visit From Lelie & Pops and Baby-Proofing
My parents visited the first weekend of the month, and my Dad helped Brendan baby proof our cabinets. Lelie and Pops kept Willa Saturday night, so we could go to dinner and the movies. We saw The Favourite (wonderfully weird). Thanks to Willa's early bedtime, we were able to get her to sleep before leaving, and she slept the whole time we were gone. It felt so strange to be in a movie theater again!

A Visit From Max
Our friend from graduate school, Max, braved exposure to the flu to come see us! Thanks to my mom (who left from her visit on Sunday only to turn around and come back Tuesday since little miss was diagnosed with the flu on Monday), the three of us were able to go out to dinner at our favorite (Thai House) Friday night. We spent most of the day on Saturday and Sunday morning with Max, and it was awesome to see him. We also used Brendan's camera timer to get this pic. PS-You can check out the movie Max made, Active Adults, streaming on Amazon Prime--it's funny, thought provoking, and relatable. 

Valentine's Day
I made Sweet Phi's Bleu Cheese Mac N Cheese & 5 Ingredient Chocolate Cake, and we watched Won't You Be My Neighbor? (Mister Rogers Documentary). Little miss celebrated with her very first ice cream at her school's sundae party. It was our most heartwarming Valentine's Day ever.

Willa's First Swing 
On a sunny weekend day, we took Willa to the park for her first go on the swings. She loved it. All the other equipment was too big for her, but our trip got me excited for what is to come. 

Baby's Developments 
Speaking of our girl, this was a big month for her. She is now pulling up to stand and eating everything (she eats off the breakfast, lunch, and snack menu at school and has tried so many new foods). We think ravioli is a favorite:

Self-Care Package: 
We took advantage of the spring sale at Zingerman's and ordered a variety of fancy cheeses, salamis, bread, and chocolate. It was less than $100, and we ate a spread like this for dinner the past three nights and still have tons left. Highly recommend!

Stacy + Casey <3 Pho 
My friend Casey and I were both sick this past week, but decided to brave a dinner outing to I <3 Pho anyway. We went through so many tissues, but the pho was the perfect cold remedy; as always, we stayed out way too late, but we had a great time just chatting.

Pre-Pregnancy Jeans & Bye Bye Pumping 
I pulled out all my pre-pregnancy jeans at the start of the month (I feel like myself again!) and said sayonara to pumping at the end of the month. I haven't put the pump away away just in case I end up needing it, but I'm very happy to be done with daily pumping. I'm still nursing and continuing to nurse on my lunch breaks. Once Willa is year, we can start the process of weaning, but first, I have to find a sippy cup she'll take (we've tried Phillips-Avent, ThinkBaby, and Parent's Choice without much luck). Any suggestions?

Met No Goals 
I didn't finish the draft I was working on or the book I was reading, and I only made it to work out at the YMCA five times. I survived the month though, and let me tell you, it felt like an uphill battle almost the whole way, so I'm just glad I can say: I made it.

In March, we're looking forward to warmer temperatures (today and tomorrow, the high is 39, but by Thursday it should be 78 again, thank goodness!), spring break, and celebrating (a little early) Willa's first birthday with our families <3

Hope February treated you well!

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