Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spring Break Part II and The Big Sick

Greetings faithful blog readers,

It's been a real treat to blog again, and I enjoyed writing up the recap on our first spring break with Willa, so I thought I'd check in to share the rest of our adventures plus let you know how our snap back to reality is going.


I took Willa to an all day play date at my friend Casey's house. She has two kids (almost 4 and 14 months), and tons of toys which Willa and I were both SO excited about (I was excited because none of those toys play the same songs our toys have burned in my brain--fellow parents, you feel me?!) For a brief moment in time, Casey and I managed to get all three kids napping, and she made me a delicious sandwich involving the Pioneer Woman's Cream Cheese and Chive Spread. Have you guys seen the movie Tully? I don't want to give anything away, but Casey and I are so alike, it could be a Tully situation! We both grew up in Austin, both got married at the Barr Mansion, both are married to writers, both live in houses by the same builder, both have summer birthdays, both love to read, have similar parenting philosophies, etc. A LOT of my friends moved away in 2018, so meeting Casey in 2017 was a total gift from the universe. If you're wondering what Brendan did with all his free time, the answer is grading: he worked all day long. I think he was very happy though to feel caught up.


We took miss Baby for her first swim. She LOVED it. She had tons of fun splashing and being spun around. Getting her out of a wet bathing suit is definitely a project we were thankful to have four hands for.

Also on Friday, my parents arrived. We went out for an early dinner, and then they stayed at the house while Willa slept and Brendan and I attended a visitation for a co-worker that passed away unexpectedly. We are extremely sad about losing Margaret; she was an excellent tutor, a confidant, a friend, and a source of wisdom, support, and great advice. The tutoring lab will never be the same, and I miss her terribly. Afterwards, we went out for a drink, toasted Margaret, shared memories, and decompressed. It was a difficult start to the weekend to say the least.


We slept in, my dad picked up tacos, Brendan and my dad ran some errands, and my mom and I did laundry and entertained miss baby. We played a board game while Willa napped, and after we put her to bed, Brendan and I went out to dinner and a movie. We saw Captive State, which we both enjoyed (reminded me a bit of Clover Field) and returned home late. Willa slept the whole time, and my parents surpassed us in The Widow by watching five episodes in a row.


We finally got beautiful weather (only the first and last day of spring break were pretty enough for outdoor walks!) We went out for an early dinner, dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day, and played Ticket to Ride after Willa went to bed. Willa helped us with some "spring cleaning" (see below).

Brendan started to feel sick with a stomach bug Sunday evening (our family seems to be cursed with Sunday evening/Monday morning sickness). Poor Brendan was running fever, the cats were going nuts, Willa was up several times, and I hardly slept.


My parents left Monday morning for a trip to Laughlin, Nevada, and I dropped Willa off at the normal time and covered Brendan's class in addition to teaching my own; I worked all evening but at least slept better than Sunday night. Tuesday did not bring any relief: both cats threw up (they seem okay now), Willa had Brendan's stomach bug and had to stay home, Brendan still wasn't feeling well enough to teach, so I went in early and covered his other class. I went to the doctor to have her look at my sinus congestion that I've been dealing with for weeks. It turns out I have a sinus infection and a double ear infection (no wonder I can hardly hear!). Now I'm on two prescriptions, an antibiotic and a steroid nasal spray. Also, my credit card was compromised for the second time in two weeks. It has been a really tough return from spring break.

Here's hoping we finish out the rest of the semester (7.5 weeks) without any of us getting sick again!
In happier news, happy birthday to my cousin, Amanda!

She's the best cinnamon roll maker, cactus garden tender, and kitten minder there is!


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