Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spring Break (So Far)

Greetings faithful blog readers,

It's hard to believe that we're halfway through spring break, but I guess time flies when you're having fun! Willa is in bed, and I find myself with some rare moments to blog, so I wanted to check in with an update about what we've done so far.

We had beautiful weather on Saturday: 71 and sunny. We took a trip to Target, Brendan and I brought the monitor outside and used Willa's afternoon nap to weed the front yard (we filled 2 trash bags!), Willa was entertained for hours by her new walker that a neighbor generously passed down to us (inspired by the Buy Nothing Project but lacking one in Midland, I posted on Nextdoor to see if anyone had one, and low and behold, someone right down the street did!), we took a family walk to enjoy the sunshine, read a little, wrote a little, called Gigi and Buddy, and relaxed. It was the perfect day! Sunday, the time change worked in our favor (it was like our kid actually slept in!) We went to church Sunday morning and spent the rest of the cold/foggy day at home playing, plus we both graded a little and wrote.

Monday was super productive: we got Brendan's oil changed, went grocery shopping, made crockpot lentil sloppy joes while Willa napped (you need this recipe book if you want vegetarian crockpot recipes), and took Willa to Storyland at the library (I believe it is open through April 10th). Storyland was a big hit, even for our little baby! She found plenty of small doors to open and close, which is pretty much her favorite thing right now.

Snowy Day

Mr. McGregor's Garden

If You Give A Mouse a Cookie

We ended the day with reading (I finished my book, The River King by Alice Hoffman, but I wasn't crazy about it, honestly) writing and watching The Widow on Amazon Prime (we are four episodes in and both liking it).

It was a good thing Monday was so productive because the next day, I was hit with my fourth 24 hour stomach virus in four months. I blame Storyland, despite my attentive use of hand sanitizer. Luckily, Brendan was able to take my car in for my oil change appointment, take care of Willa, ready the house for the cleaning service, AND prepare the patio for a tornado warning/high wind advisory(!) Thankfully, Willa wasn't sick at all! Parents: are these 24 hour stomach bugs, complete with low grade fever, weakness, and total lethargy, just going to become a part of my regular life now that I have a child, or have I been exceptionally unlucky as of late? Please advise. Thankfully, we survived the tornado warning with no damage, but spring break weather has not been great, and today was no exception.

Today, we spent the morning out and about while the house was being cleaned. We took miss baby to Cracker Barrel and let her eat off a plate. She did great (hardly any mess, and she can eat a ton!). Then, we went back to the library (I know, we're so brave) for baby storytime (which is really just a bunch of babies putting toys in their mouths). I washed Willa's hands and my own, so here's hoping we're okay.

One of our fun errands was shopping for decorations for Willa's Chica Chica Boom Boom themed 1st birthday party (hard for us to believe she's almost one). One thing I didn't have to buy was invitations because our friends at Paperless Post reached out to us with an offer to try their gorgeous online invitations for free. I designed Willa's invitations in about twenty minutes during her nap, and I was (to my surprise, honestly) so impressed with the website. There were tons of designs to choose from (I typed in "palm tree" and got six pages of results but found something I loved on page one, so I went with that), you could customize everything about the invitations (font size, spacing, color, background), and there are virtual "envelopes" for your guests to "open," so you even get to pick out your virtual "stamp" and your "envelope" liners. Our invites turned out super cute. And yes, for those that want a printing option (so you have a memento), it's easy to do that too (just right click to save the image and print). These invitations are super affordable, but they still look put together, and you can easily manage your RSVPs, reach out to guests, and send reminders or updates. I love snail mail stationary, but I'd absolutely use Paperless Post again.

Our other errands were not nearly as exciting (I ended up at Target again, ha), but the fact that there was a high wind advisory all day made shopping pretty crazy (think 60mph gusts, so you cannot even control your car door when you open it, tumbleweeds everywhere, and the Apple weather app advising "unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups," which I've never seen it do), but Willa got in a good car nap at least, and when we arrived home, I took care of her so Brendan could do some grading. Then, Brendan made this amazing tomato pie courtesy of the delicious sauce that our friend Max gifted us during his trip here.

Thank you, Max. It was delicious!

We still have more spring break fun on our horizon, and I'll try to check in with an update soon. For all you spring breakers out there, I hope your weather is better than ours!


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