Thursday, April 11, 2019

Living Room Updates

Greetings faithful blog readers,

Hello from my most unproductive day ever. Sometimes, all your plans for what you're going to accomplish go straight out the window, and that's my story today.

This week, we got an exciting delivery: our new living room furniture. You guys probably couldn't tell in my last home tour post because the photos were from so far away, but our living room chairs were extremely worn. How worn? Well, let's just say I basically had to convince the Habitat for Humanity worker we were trying to donate them to (they have a resale shop where 100% of the proceeds go to buying housing materials) to take them off our hands (he called his boss and she was like "Take them! Someone out there will want to reupholster them"), and thus, we now have our garage back.

So yes, the old chairs, while extremely cute, were also extremely worn. I've wanted to replace them for years. I've had them for over 10 years! And what, you ask, stood in my way faithful blog readers?


You see, Brendan had EXTREMELY HIGH standards for the replacement chairs (comfort, quality, color, price, material, size). Any suggestion I made or chair I dragged him to see he was not excited about. It's Brendan who actually sits in the chairs the most, so I had to get something he was going to be happy with.

Enter the Gigi swivel chair at Haverty's. Not only did it swivel "just the right" amount, it was the right size, we could customize the fabric, and it was super comfortable. Plus, it's the Gigi (Brendan's mom's grandparent name), so how could it not be right? While I was in Haverty's, I also looked at options for replacing the coffee table, since Willa kept nearly bumping her head on the old one. I quickly fell in love with the Beckett Storage Ottoman since we could use it as a giant toy chest and also customize it to match the chairs. 

I love our new furniture, and it's so kid friendly and comfy. We took a risk ordering one patterned chair, since it's in a fabric the cats typically scratch. So far, Lola has scratched it a little, so please comment if you have any tips for getting your cats to leave furniture alone.

The ottoman is great, and it makes sitting on the couch comfy in a whole new way. 

Plus, what parent doesn't want a giant toy chest that doesn't look like a toy chest?

So there you have it, our new and improved living room. I kind of want to change the rug and curtains now, but I'll wait until this summer and see what I think.

Hope your week is finishing up nicely (and that you are more productive than me today!)

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