Thursday, August 1, 2019

Baby Boy Pregnancy: Weeks 13-16

Greetings faithful blog readers,

When we last left off in the pregnancy recap, we'd told our families we were expecting, I was still battling sickness, and we'd had a recreational ultrasound at school. It's fun to look back at my recaps from this same point with Willa and see what's different and what's the same. I think the main difference is that I have way less time to focus on being pregnant this go around. In fact, I constantly forget that I am, which I think is actually a positive thing because I'm less anxious.

Week 13
Baby Size: A Plum 

We're traveling for the fourth of July holiday, and Brendan and I are taking our first trip away from Willa since she was born to celebrate 6 years of marriage. We announce that we're expecting a son this week, and get tons of wonderful messages of support from family and friends. Thankfully, I'm feeling really good for our anniversary trip, and it definitely helps that we get some really good sleep. I booked the trip before I knew I was expecting, so wine and beer tastings are out for me, but we have a good time exploring Fredericksburg and eating fancy dinners and indulgent breakfasts. Plus, Brendan buys me really nice chocolates, which is basically a pregnant lady's dream.

Week 14
Baby Size: A Lemon 
Back at home, I do my best to get back to my normal exercise program, but my plans (and photos apparently!) are a bit thwarted by pregnancy sickness. At least I felt good for my trip, and though I don't know it at the time, it seems to be the last of the sickness. It's funny, but I already feel like I look about six months pregnant at night. I've heard that you get bigger faster in subsequent pregnancies, but that you don't continue growing (just look 6 months pregnant for longer). We'll see if that's the case. I've noticed that if I wear maternity clothes, the bump is really obvious, but if I wear normal clothes, it's less noticeable.

Week 15 
Baby Size: An Orange
The week starts off with a fast doctor's appointment. The nurse finds the heartbeat right away, and I'm at my pre-pregnancy with Willa weight (I started this pregnancy about 7 pounds lower than my pre-pregnancy with Willa weight, so I'm up about 7 pounds for the pregnancy so far). We're traveling again, and I enjoy being the most sober person at my 15 year high school reunion.

Week 16 
Baby Size: An Avocado 
We have an amazing week with family in Connecticut and weekend with friends in Long Island. I'm battling allergies or a cold and Willa's sleep is never the best when traveling, but I still feel I'm holding up well even though we're staying so busy. I'm relieved that my morning sickness is over much faster with this pregnancy. I'm glad I'm not super pregnant during the heat of summer because I definitely notice that being outside tires me out quickly, and I need to drink tons of water to stay hydrated. I can only imagine what it'd be like to be late second or third trimester pregnant in 90+ degree weather!

As you can see, not the most eventful recap, but that's a good sign. I'm enjoying the start of the second trimester and feeling good. I haven't even busted out the snoggle (pregnancy pillow yet) and I'm not uncomfortable. Pregnancy is going faster this time around for sure, and while my anxiety is still there, it's definitely less difficult to manage. I'll be back in about 3.5 weeks with a weeks 17-20 recap, and in the meantime, I appreciate all the well wishes for good health. Before that though, I'll be back to recap all the fun we've been having while traveling. Stay tuned!


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