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Before "I dos" (Engagement Posts)

Our Rehearsal Dinner 
My Bachelorette Party 
My Bridal Shower 
A Surprise Wedding Couple's Shower 
Engagement Pics, Our Tips 
How to Involve Your Husband-to-be in Wedding Registry
A "Save the date" Craft idea
Engagement Gifts/On Changing My Last Name 
Our Proposal Story 

Building a House

Lessons Learned in the Building/Buying Process 
Making the Most of Your Warranty
Month 9.75: It's Finally Ours 
Month 9.5: Walk Throughs Begin
Month 9: In the Home Stretch 
Month 8.5: Floors, Counters, and Fixtures
Month 8: Brick, or, You Can Huff, You Can Puff, But You Can No Longer Blow This House Down
Month 7.5: Would You Like Walls With That? 
Month 7: Electric, Plumbing, and Inspections, Oh My! 
Month 6: The Shell Becomes "Dried In" 
Month 5: Foundation and Framing 
Months 3 and 4: The Waiting Game
Month 2: Signing the Contracts
Month 1: Selections & Upgrades 
We Bought a Lot 


Donate Your Birthday (Centers for Families and Children and Support Our Students)
Donate Your Birthday (West Texas Food Bank and Save Our Students) 
Donate Your Birthday (Safe Place of the Permian Basin) 
Donate Your Birthday (West Texas Food Bank)
Donate Your Birthday (Christmas in Action) 
Donate Your Birthday (Human Rights Campaign)
Donate Your Birthday (Dress for Success of Houston) 
An Easy Way to Give Back (Toys for Tots) 
Show Your Heart 
Donate Your Birthday (Doctor's Without Borders) 


Finding and Maintaining My Happy Weight
Workout Challenge: Everyday in April
Lessons Learned From 50 Barre Classes
Summer 2015 Fitness/Emergency Shred Recap 
Energy City 5K Recap (3/28/15)
Face the Race 5K Recap (11/15/14)
New Rules of Lifting for Life: Phase One Recap 
New Rules of Weightlifting for Women Stage 7 Recap
New Rules of Weightlifting for Women Stage 6 Recap 
New Rules of Weightlifting for Women Stage 5 Recap
Bloodgushers 5K Recap (03/30/13)
New Rules of Weightlifting for Women Stage 4 Recap 
New Rules of Weightlifting for Women Stage 3 Recap 
New Rules of Weightlifting for Women Stage 2 Recap
New Rules of Weightlifting for Women Stage 1 Recap 
Caleb 5K Recap (07/16/11)
Free to Breathe 5K Recap (03/26/11)


Our Housewarming 
Home Tour (3 weeks in) 
Home Tour (7 months in)
Lessons Learned From a Year of Homeownership 
Home Tour (3 + YEARS in)


20 Things I learned in my Twenties
16 Things I Learned From Mimi
On Coping with Anxiety 
On Living in the Present 
How to Treat Yourself 
How To Kick the Winter Blues 
Simple Ways to Make Your Life Easier 
Small Resolutions, Big Differences 
Stress Free Holidays 
The Art of Doing Nothing 
Summer Inspiration for Motivation 
Beauty All Around Us 

Since we built our house, our front and back yards started as just dirt...check out our 100% DIY progress:


Life After Grad School (In Academia) 

Promotions (for both of us!)
I Changed Full Time Jobs
TESOL Training with Oxford Seminars 
Reflections After a Year of Adjuncting 
I Got a Full Time Job 
Celebrating 30 Years of McNeese State University's M.F.A. Program
Teachers That Inspired Me 
On Being Young and Doing My Job Well 
No Job Yet? How to Live with Your Parents as An Adult 
Brendan Got a Full Time Job 

Life, On a Budget 

We Started Saving
My 10 Savings Tips 
Cute, Virtually Free Date Ideas 
Thrift Shopping 
DIY Facial & Body Scrub 

Lola & Zoe (Posts About the Cats)
Happy 8th Birthday Lola and Zoe
Happy 5th Birthday Lola and Zoe 
Happy 4th Birthday Lola and Zoe 
How To Make Apartment Cozy for Kitty 
On Pets and Why We Love Them (Adoption Story) 

Our Recommended Pre-Kid To-Dos
Surviving the First Two Weeks/Postpartum Recovery Tips
Mother's Day After a Loss

Our Announcement 
The Long Story Behind Our Pregnancy 
Pregnancy Weeks 4-12
Pregnancy Weeks 13-16
Pregnancy Weeks 17-20
Pregnancy Weeks 21-24 
Maui Babymoon (Part I & Part II)
Maternity Photos + What We'll Use Them For
Pregnancy Weeks 25-28
Our Work Baby Shower
Our Friends and Family Baby Shower
Pregnancy Weeks 29-32
Pregnancy Weeks 33-34
Pregnancy Weeks 35-36
Pregnancy Week 37
Nursery Tour 
Pregnancy Week 38
Pregnancy Week 39/Willa Lynn's Birth Story Part I
Willa Lynn's Birth Story Part II

Announcing Again
Baby Boy: Pregnancy Story/Weeks 4-12
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Weeks 13-16
Sprinkled With Love
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Weeks 17-20
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Weeks 25-28
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Weeks 29-32
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Weeks 33-34
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Weeks 35-36
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Week 37 
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Week 38 
Baby Boy Pregnancy: Week 39/Gray Matthew's Birth Story 

Relationships (Posts About Relationships & Specifically Our Relationship) 

Our Pre-Kid To-Do List Recommendations 
Fourth Wedding Anniversary Reflection and Celebration 
Six Years Together 
1,000 days of marriage
Third Wedding Anniversary Reflection and Celebration 
Five Years Together
Second Wedding Anniversary (Celebration) and Reflection
Four Years Together 
Celebrating Our 1st Year of Marriage 
Three Years Together
How We Celebrated Our Second Year of Dating 
Two Years With My Best Friend 
The Best Relationship Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me 
How We Met/Reflection on Knowing Each Other For 6 Years 
On Living Together For 6 Months 
He Said/She Said First Edition 
Announcing He Said/She Said Relationship Advice -Yes, we still take questions
How We Celebrated Our First Year of Dating 
One Year With My Best Friend (A Love Story) 
Our First Place 


Le Tote 
Erin Condren LifePlanner 2018
Erin Condren LifePlanner 2017
All Stitch Fix Reviews 
Birchbox, February 2014
Stitch Fix, February 2014

Travel (Things To Do In...)

Maui, HI Babymoon Part I 
Maui, HI Babymoon Part II
Tulsa, OK 
Travel has become a big category for the blog! Please see TRAVEL for Namibia, Africa 2016, Costa Rica 2015 and Europe (England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium) 2014.
Dallas, TX
New Orleans, LA 
Cloudcroft, NM
Hawaii, The Big Island <Honeymoon
Kaua'i, HI <Honeymoon
Maui, HI <Honeymoon
Houston, TX
Lubbock, TX
San Antonio, TX 
Carlsbad, NM
Wimberley, TX 
Big Bend National Park, TX
Austin, TX (Stacy's Hometown)
Orlando, FL (Disney World and Universal Studios) 
Monahans State Park, TX
Fort Davis, Marfa, Alpine, and Balmorhea State Park TX


Our Wedding Featured on Paloma Blanca's Website
Our Wedding, The After Party 
Our Wedding, The Reception 
Our Wedding, The Ceremony 
Our Wedding, Getting Ready 
Our Wedding (Sneak Peek) 
Our Wedding Checklist (1 Month to Go)
Our Wedding Checklist (2 Months to Go) 
Our Wedding Checklist (3 Months to Go) 
Our Wedding Checklist (4 Months to Go) 
Our Wedding Checklist (Over a year to 5 Months to Go)
Wedding Dress Shopping Tips 
How to Be a Bridesmaid 
How to Throw a Classy Bachelorette Party
How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note 
How to Be the Perfect Wedding Guest 

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