You Could Stop It Here

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Eric Hoffer Book Award, Chapbook Category, Honorable Mention


Midland College
The McCormick Gallery (Allison Fine Arts)
Wednesday, March 21st, 2018


You Could Stop It Here is about girls who are trapped. From the suburbs of Austin to the sublets of New York City, they are searching for an escape from destructive relationships, parents caught up in second romances and Bunko, and the embarrassments of adolescence. Their beliefs that bravery is transformative lead them to make risky decisions that promise shaky rewards: the attentions of an older lover, an idolized sister’s approval, or the preservation of a forbidden relationship. This is a collection about accepting the wrong invitations, the rush to be unburdened by innocence, and the desires, both juvenile and inevitable, that fuel irreparable mistakes. It is about the desperation and longing inherent in the struggle to become whole, and the realization that adulthood won’t protect us from hurt.


You Could Stop it Here is alluring, winsome, sneaky, and sharp. I felt captivated at the same time that I felt lucky to be reading this slim treasure, soaking in its light. Stacy Austin Egan is the real thing.”
– Lindsay Hunter, author of Eat Only When You’re Hungry, Ugly Girls, and Don’t Kiss Me
“This small book contains stories of youth and all the stumbling and anguish that comes with it. With nimble, light-footed prose, Egan gives readers a funny, moving, and honest picture of the life of young women and girls.”
– Timothy Willis Sanders, author of Matt Meets Vik and Orange Juice and Other Stories

What do women know? Everything they’ve learned through each decision they’ve made, for better or worse. The same could be said of any person on Earth, but Egan separates herself with compact stories of paths taken, wishes wanted, and lessons delivered bluntly in the unfolding. Her slow motion camera eye delivers a song of many women, yet only few can tell so well.
--The Eric Hoffer Award on U.S. Review of Books 

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