So here's the story...

I was born in Austin, Texas but always dreamed of one day living in New York city. I was accepted to New York University early decision and moved to NYC in 2004. Little did I know, that my first semester of college at NYU was also my future husband's last semester of college at NYU...we lived 15 blocks apart for two years and never met. I had an incredible time in college, met some lifelong friends, and learned I was passionate about creative writing. I graduated at the beginning of 2008 and moved back to Austin, TX to work and live while applying to MFA creative writing programs.

A few months later, in April of 2008, I got one of four fiction spots at McNeese State University. I had a full scholarship, a teaching assistantship, and a really good feeling about the next three years. The program director emailed me and told me another future classmate, Brendan, who was also currently living in Austin and had also graduated from NYU. Intrigued, I asked for his contact information, and we arranged a meeting at a coffee shop just five minutes away from my childhood home. It turned out, it was also just five minutes away from his apartment. We had so much in common that I left knowing that we would become good friends.

In August of that year, I adopted two kittens, Lola and Zoe, packed up, and moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Stacy with Zoe (left) and Lola (right)
Graduate school was a transformative and wonderful experience. I was supported by an amazing community of teachers, writers, and friends, and I discovered one of the greatest joys in my life: teaching. And eventually, my friend Brendan became a best friend and later, in October of 2010, a best boyfriend.
Brendan and Stacy

We graduated in May of 2011, and once again, I found myself living at my mother's house (only this time, I brought my boyfriend plus my two crazy cats). Luckily, we only stayed six weeks, as we found teaching jobs that July. 

So we packed (again) and moved to West Texas. Now, we both teach English (composition, literature, reading, creative writing--you name it!). Teaching is a great joy and gift (and sometimes it's hard too!); we learn from our students every single day.

A year and a day after we graduated, Brendan asked me if I wanted to live my whole life with him.

The following summer, we gathered all our family and friends and married under a live oak tree.
July 5, 2013 in Austin, TX 

I've been writing this blog since February 2011. It has been a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends, plus document life in west Texas with Brendan and our two crazy cats. I post reviews, vegetarian recipes, daily musings, personal essays and fun ideas too. 

Lola Yawning 

Zoe Pondering 

In July 2017, we found out we're expecting. You can read my blog posts about the pregnancy and birth here. 

Our daughter, Willa, brings so much joy to our lives. She's totally patient with us as we navigate parenthood for the first time. 

On weekends and vacations, we love to go exploring and visit family, and I often post about what we do in new cities. Here are our trips from the last year and a half:

Austin, TX for TCCTA (Feb. 2017)

San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Sonoma, CA for Spring Break 2017

Austin, TX for Chrisi & Aaron's Wedding May 2017

Taos, NM for one month (June 2017)
Portland, OR for the Tin House Summer Workshop (July 2017)

A beautiful week in Wayne, Maine (and half a week in CT too) with Brendan's family (July/August 2017)
Austin, TX seeing family and friends (July/August 2017)
Tulsa, OK for SCMLA 2017
CT to surprise Brendan's parents for their 40th anniversary (Oct. 2017)

Our Babymoon in Maui, HI (Dec. 2017) 
Austin, TX Christmas 2017 
Austin, TX for our baby shower, Jan. 2018 

Austin, TX for a big ole family reunion (June 2018)

Austin, TX (July 2018)
Brendan and I both write fiction, and Brendan also writes poetry. Check our Publications tab for the most recent news. 

Welcome to our lives! Follow us on blogger or by email.

We hope you enjoy the blog!

<3 Stacy, Brendan, Lola & Zoe

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